Richard T. Cahill Jr., are you nuts?

Richard T. Cahill Jr.

Prompted by Crispin Kott’s inept article on blogging – in which the words “Blaber” and “credibility” appear in the same sentence – I wrote Jeremy Blaber is a weasel, and so is Terry Bernardo, a post exposing the unhealthy relationship between Blaber and Bernardos, and the horrendous attack they jointly launched against me and my wife Manuela Michailescu (at the time a Town of Rochester Councilwoman running for Ulster County Legislature next to Terry Bernardo). In the post I quoted Rich Cahill, who chastised Blaber for a similar attack on County Clerk Nina Postupack.

Manuela Michailescu

Next day or so, a friend alerted me to Rich Cahill’s post:

    A new blog has taken an old quote from my blog out of context and used it as part of an attack against another blogger… Please keep me out of it

I replied in self-defense, showing that 1) the quote was not taken out of context 2) I’m not attacking Blaber, I’m only exposing him for being a sneaky, untrustworthy and insincere person, in other words… a weasel.

Blogger Richard T. Cahill Jr. continued to cry for attention:

    I see now that I am being insulted by the web page in question because I claimed my quote was taken out of context and that I did not want to be involved in the feud.

    Allow me to clarify. The quote was originally about an “issue” raised by Blaber against Nina Postupack. I wrote the quote and stand by it.

    The quote is being used to attack Jeremy Blaber and his skills as a blogger. It is a different context, though not necessarily an improper use of the quote.

    My only point is that I do not want to be dragged in to a feud that I have nothing to do with. For that, now I am being blasted.

    Well, I am a big boy. If people want to take their shots, go ahead. I asked nicely to be left out of it.

Blogger Cahill does not want to be dragged in to a feud, but he doesn’t mind diving in head first.

As opposed to this blog – where the comments are instantly published – on Cahill’s blog all comments must be approved by Cahill. Let’s look at a couple of approved comments…

    Anonymous said…

    That jerk from Accord and his dipstick wife wanted a second chance when they went into bankruptcy and got hundreds of thousands in debts erased. They made their mistakes when they were alot older and supposedly more mature than Blaber. But Jeremy is supposed to suffer for a few things he wrote on his blog forever? Things which may even have been true?

    These two mooks are the biggest hypocrites this county has ever seen.

    I don’t like Blaber’s politics but he has alot more integrity than Tweedledee and Tweedledum put together. You go, Jeremy.

So, Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer is insulted when I show him the definition of “out of context,” but has no problem approving Terry Bernardo’s lies and insults aimed at me and my wife.

    Anonymous said…

    Rich, Just let it go. Those Rochester nuts will never stop. They are crazy, vicious, and obsessive…

    They compared Terry Bernardo to a Romanian dictator who summarily executed people. Terry is not the best Chair of the Legislature. She is not a murderer like the Romanian dictator. To say that is just plain nuts…

Look below, then ask Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer to show you where Terry Bernardo is compared to a Romanian dictator. Why is Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer spreading this bullshit? When did Richard T. Cahill Jr. become Blaber Light?

Dump Terry Bernardo

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to Richard T. Cahill Jr., are you nuts?

  1. Anonymous says:

    “As opposed to this blog – where the comments are instantly published – on Cahill’s blog all comments must be approved by Cahill. Let’s look at a couple of approved comments…”

    This exactly why I don’t visit blogs that are filtered. The lies and misleading statements are what’s wrong with politics today. It is public record that your debt was not erased, that you did not receive money for a barn grant, that there was no porn website and the above post simply states that neither woman was of any importance until their husbands gained titles.
    Politicians like Bernardos and friends are corupt and need to be voted out asap.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So now Cahill is in cahoots with Bernardo gang? It figures!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cahill is Bernardos rep on the County Charter Revision Commission. Cahoots lock stock and barrel

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