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Bernardo Beke Bull

Here is a comment to my previous post followed by my reply. In the manner typical of Bernardo Beke Bull team, an accusation is made for the simple reason that it might stick. See my reply. Never heard from them … Continue reading

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Richard T. Cahill Jr. – A Useful Idiot?

PART THREE OF MANY Remember Richard Cahill Jr.? No? The guy with enough drama in his life? Yep, that Cahill… Well, a few days back he decided to make an ass of himself. Again. In a recent post – Kudos … Continue reading

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Legislators have the most at stake in redistricting!

Lawmakers, Charter Commission members still struggling to solve differences – an article in Freeman (July 26) – quotes Legislator Tracey Bartels (D-Gardiner): Giving lawmakers final say over the map that will delineate legislative districts would put the process in the … Continue reading

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Pre-primary endorsement is the root of corruption

In the opinion piece Democracy Takes A Hit: Primary Thoughts – published in Shawangunk Journal on July 19, 2012 – Manuela Michailescu decries the low turnout in the Federal Primary of June 26, 2012 “where only about 1,070 voters from … Continue reading

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Ulster County unemployment soaring

According to the New York State Department of Labor, the unemployment in Ulster County rose from 8.8 percent in May to 9.1 percent in June. Surprising numbers, considering how many of her friends Terry Bernardo hired lately.

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Watchdogging your tax dollars…

Remember the pre-elections mantra? Look above. Terry Bernardo — A Watchdog for our Taxpayer Dollars. To quote David O’Halloran, Chairman, Town of Rochester Republican Committee: “Terry is a small business owner and will take good care of taxpayer dollars. She … Continue reading

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But It Can Be…

Beginning scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom explaining why America’s not the greatest country any longer…

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