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Holiday spirits in Drabkinland

The town’s holiday party – at Ivan’s, on December 7 – had all the expected ingredients: hugs, kisses, smiles; even the Grinch put in an aparition. As I was greeting a group of people I knew, I was surprised by … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

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Bring the curtain down

Tuesday, December 17, twelve out of twenty three legislators showed up for Ulster County Monthly Legislative Session. The other eleven would not be able to brag about being present at this historic meeting, the importance of which could not be … Continue reading

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Crăciun fericit from Frank Reggero

Read this post and you’ll agree with me: Frank Reggero is dumber than a second coat of paint. Trying to score points with Lisa Mance (No. 3), Frank Reggero (No. 1) – posted a comment where he defended her drunk … Continue reading

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From Abraham Lincoln to Frank Reggero

This illustration was first published on the Liberty Coalition blog. Frank Reggero’s comment on The chickens come home to roost, my previous post: Frank says: December 13, 2013 at 8:52 PM Really you wait for them to arrested? I have … Continue reading

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The chickens come home to roost…

About three weeks ago I posted Terry Bernardo could not be reached for comment, from which I reproduce here this: In 2011, with support from community pillars like David O’Halloran and Jeremy Blaber, Terry Bernardo become a Legislator again. Three … Continue reading

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The joy of hacking

A day after I published David O’Halloran’s resignation letter – in a post headlined What should I convey to Dave? – he graciously leaked to me another email: I didn’t know what made David O’Halloran believe that it’s OK to … Continue reading

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Rochester comics

Everybody knows that Clark Kent – the fictional character appearing since June 1938 in stories published by DC Comics – serves as the secret identity of the superhero Superman. Less known is the fact that Clark Kent (Superman) sends morning … Continue reading

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Hold your nose, not your breath…

According to the report released on December 2, 2013 by the Moreland Commission chosen this summer to study the level of New York’s political corruption, the Empire State allows donors with deep pockets to set the legislative agenda for the … Continue reading

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Step on the trendmill…

Interested in real time world statistics on World Population, Government & Economics, Society & Media, Environment, Food, Water, Energy, and Health? Click here now, thank me later… – Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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