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Another bald-faced lie from Carl Chipman

In Slow down, Chipman! posted on November 24, 2014, I wrote about a ten days notice given by the Rochester CEO to IndyMac Bank, directing it to comply with the Unsafe Building Law and repair or remove the old barn … Continue reading

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Still, the winner of the Terry Award is Carl Chipman…

Carl Chipman won the 2014 Terry Award, no two ways about it. Oops! I spoke too soon. There’s two ways about it… The doctored poll results you see above, and the true poll results you see below. Around 7:30 last … Continue reading

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2014 Terry Award – Time to vote!

These are the politicians nominated for the 2014 Terry Award via comments on this post. As expected, Democratic, Republican, Conservative and Independence Party are all represented. If you can match their photos above with their names below… congratulations, you are … Continue reading

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