Everybody Wants to Step in It

Richard T. Cahill Jr.

This is no laughing matter, as the persecution complex can strike anyone. Judging by this recent post on his blog, Richard T. Cahill Jr. may exhibit the symptoms:

    Everybody Wants to Get Into the Act

    Now another blog (Ulster Cloak Room) has decided to attack me. This blog –which is quite obviously an anonymous blog run by the same person as Smokeout– questions my ability as a lawyer. Here is his exact quote, “Lawyer Cahill is so inept at argumentation one wonders how he managed to pass the Bar Exam.”

Mr. Cahill, I can assure you of three things:
1. I’m not connected in any way with Ulster County Cloakroom blog
2. I have no idea who owns and writes that blog
3. I agree with everything said about you on said blog, including “Lawyer Cahill is so inept at argumentation one wonders how he managed to pass the Bar Exam.”

    First, one does not “argue” in order to pass the New York State Bar Exam. If you had any idea what you are talking about, you would know that the Bar Exam has two parts: a multi-state portion and a New York State portion with multiple choice questions and essay questions. It is the most difficult professional examination in the world.

If you’re talking to me, yes, I have an idea about what you’re talking about. My sister-in-law told us quite a lot about her passing the Tennessee, New York and New Jersey Bar Exams. But I digress.

Nobody said that argumentation is part of the Bar Exam. Whoever he is, Cloakroom only said that given your ineptitude at argumentation – suggesting a defective thought process at the minimum – it’s surprising that you managed to pass the Bar Exam. Now I’m surprised too, seeing that your rebuttal rests upon a false premise. (Who is Cloakroom again?)

    The fact that I passed the exam easily while your biggest accomplishment is that you managed to create a blog so that you can call people names in order to inflate your ego and continue stupid, personal, and petty feuds really shows the differences between us.

Are you talking to me? Are you talking to Cloakroom? Never mind, I’ll revisit this paragraph later in the year.

    Finally, I did not “pick a fight” with you. I warned you not to drag me into your conflict. You refused to listen. Now, you are upset about my responses to your childish antics. Well, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

The problem with this heroic stance is that, after a while, it fizzles out. Again, are you talking to me or are you talking to Cloakroom? May I respectfully suggest that when you take precious time away from important slip and fall cases, at least make sure you know who you’re writing about?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

Note to my best friend: Len Bernardo, you should be up in an hour or so. Would you mind writing a post about this post? In your unmistakable style? Starting with “we at Mocking Robin must really be getting under Jon’s skin?” Thank you!

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1 Response to Everybody Wants to Step in It

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is pretty obvious Rich gets his material from Bernardos. As a lawyer, you would think he would get his facts straight before his presentation. Then again, thankfully we still live in a semi-free Country in which we can hire a lawyer that does research and obtain the facts before presenting a case.

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