Terry Bernardo, Don’t Mess With The County Charter

Dump Terry Bernardo

From Don’t Mess With The County Charter by Michael Hein, County Executive:

    As County Executive, I have, and will always side with the people of Ulster County over the politicians. This is why I feel so strongly about what I see as attempts to corrupt the revision process and undermine the work of the Commission, as well as attempts to undermine the fundamentals of the Charter itself.

    It has become evident that a small group of Legislators have decided to attempt to nullify the nine months of work of the Commission and draft their own Charter revisions, which they plan to advance instead of the Commission’s proposals.

    These revisions are the end result of a closed door meeting held in violation of the New York State Open Meetings Law, and in stark contrast to the transparency of this Commission.

    This Commission posted its minutes as well as all proposed changes on the County’s website weekly and all of the Commission’s meetings were open to the public. This attempt to subvert the process by a small group of Legislators can be interpreted in only one way; as a simple power grab by individuals who long for the bygone times of Legislative control of operations, inefficiency and an era that saw a grossly mismanaged jail project and accountability was non-existent.

Click here to read the entire Shawangunk Journal article.

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3 Responses to Terry Bernardo, Don’t Mess With The County Charter

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, we pay taxpayers money to an Orange County attorney to help legislators circumvent the law and advise them how to permanently fight with the County Executive who, for better or worse, is the only one doing something, discussing and solving problems, dealing with all serious issues?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good thing she has her “well qualified” taxpayer funded attorney to assist her in these matters. He is a perfect fit for this team – they all feel that they are above the law!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is quite apparent that the attorney is not well versed in the NYS Open Meetings Law… he must have been absent the day it was covered in law school.

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