Ulster County enters the lemonade business

Dump Terry Bernardo

…and look at what we have now, a totally ineffectual Legislature whose members are not even fighting for relevance or a voice.

Having Mrs. Len Bernardo lead them is the worst possible situation there could be. She is out for herself, her husband, the Independence Party and to force their way into political importance in Ulster County and beyond. They now have willing participants in their quest to become somebody in Ronk, Maloney, Rich Parete, Wishnick and Aiello.

The day the Republicans decided that Mrs. Len Bernardo was the right choice for Chair was without question, the darkest day in Ulster County Republican Party’s history.

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3 Responses to Ulster County enters the lemonade business

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Republicans did not decide anything – it was decided for them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    bonacik, roscoe, ohallorans they all make money on lemonade

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