But It Can Be…

Beginning scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom explaining why America’s not the greatest country any longer…

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2 Responses to But It Can Be…

  1. Wow, Jon! This is GREAT! That clip should be watched by everyone and especially high school and college students. Thanks for posting this.

    • dukas says:

      Reverse psychology is nothing new and without balance this T.V. clip is pure propaganda used to hoodwink the masses into its progressive aims. The actor himself is a reflection of the ills of our society; cheap ranting using trendy curses and platitudes of talking points.
      It begins with Liberty, our greatest asset, presented as a dumb, then the actor blatantly lies, “Liberals always lose”, followed by a general attack on our prison system, with no mention of the 50 million babies slaughtered by thoughtless abortion, he flippantly degrades Christian angels yet totally ignores a fascistic atheist movement bent on destroying Christianity.
      He attacks wars, yet with no mention of our deadly porous border or the hundreds of drones that fly over our heads capable of killing Americans without trial.
      It is the mindless drug and sex culture of radicals and lazy lefties pursuing college tenure that poison our society with moral relativism, not the excitable guilt of today’s T.V. viewers.

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