Richard T. Cahill Jr. – A Useful Idiot?


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Remember Richard Cahill Jr.? No? The guy with enough drama in his life?
Yep, that Cahill… Well, a few days back he decided to make an ass of himself. Again.
In a recent post – Kudos to Imre – he wrote:

    Recently, a challenge was filed to petitions filed for a Republican Committeeman position in the Town of Rochester. Imre Beke, Jr. filed the challenge as the person was seeking to run a primary against his father.

    The objection was filed based upon fraud. The petition improperly used the same Committee on Vacancies used by the County Committee which included the names Roger Rascoe, David O’Halloran, and Gloria Van Vliet, none of whom gave their permission to have their names used on the petitions.

Scanning a few of Cahill Jr.’s recent posts, one thing becomes obvious: the guy lies to himself. First he reaches a conclusion, then he tries to prove its validity by religiously ignoring the facts:

Manuela Michailescu served two years on Ulster County Republican Committee representing the Town of Rochester. Please, don’t believe me, believe the Town Chair who wrote on this blog:


    …I could have appointed any registered Republican but I appointed your wife because she is active in GOP politics and a hard worker. She has had a seat on the committee for two years and has been invited (actively participated in meetings) to all meetings. All Rochester committee members represent all Rochester Republicans. Districts is purely a matter that comes up every two years when we do petitions. I’ve encouraged your wife to file her petitions and look forward to having her on the committee for years to come. Regardless of the district, we will all do our best to represent all Republicans in Rochester…

    David O’Halloran

Hey, Cahill, are you paying attention? Where did you get the idea that O’Halloran had a problem with Manuela’s running for a seat on the Town Committee?

Like everybody else, Manuela received a petition form from the Ulster County GOP headquarters. Unfortunately, it contained errors (wrong address, wrong district). Manuela corrected the mistakes and printed a new petition form.

Hey, Cahill, still with me? Are you saying that Rascoe / O’Halloran / VanVliet supported Manuela on the petition form they sent her, but they opposed Manuela after she corrected her address and electoral district? Are you nuts?

Not being born yesterday, and knowing from experience Bekes’ modus operandi, Manuela sent a copy of the petition via email to Elections Commissioners Vic Work and Tom Turco for approval – before she carried the petition. She received two emails:
David O'Halloran

David O'Halloran

David O'Halloran
Hey, Cahill, wake up buddy! Try to process the above emails… the Commissioner of Elections wrote “The attached petition looks fine…” He copies all three members of the Committee to Fill Vacancies… One of them replies with “Looks good, David.”

Hey, Cahill! What’s your theory now? Rascoe and VanVliet kept mum just to entrap Manuela? Are you nuts?

Probably you are! Listen to you: “I personally spoke with Roger and David. Both stated they had NEVER given permission for their names to be used.”

Of course they had never given permission for their names to be used! Nobody ever asked! Why would anybody need permission to run for a seat in one particular election district in their town?

It’s never a good idea to contradict crazy persons, so let’s say that one needs permission to run for an elected position. How do you apply for such permission? Orally? In writing? And to whom? You beg each member of the Committee to Fill Vacancies? You beg them as a group? God forbid something happens to one of them, is there such a thing as a Committee to Fill Vacancies on the Committee to Fill Vacancies?

Also, how do you know you got the permission? Do they call you? Do they write to you? Do you get a letter? A permit? A tattoo? A stamp on your forehead? C’mon Juniors, you must have the answers… Obviously you’ve seen a permission, or know somebody who got one… Otherwise you wouldn’t talk about it.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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7 Responses to Richard T. Cahill Jr. – A Useful Idiot?

  1. Anonymous says:

    now you know what Kingston has been dealing with for the last 10 years. The guy is a fool.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad he’s not my lawyer. What an ass.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Little Dick means well. He’s so misinformed–OR–he’s on the take like the rest of his cronies! You be the Judge. All Little Dick wants is RESPECT. Instead, he is impulsive and silly. To send Kudos to Little Imre for what? Making an ASS out of himself and the Republicans in Rochester? Little Dick you had potential…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m to the point that I don’t know who or what to believe anymore… did Rich contact David O’Halloran and that is what David told him… did Rich falsely claim that he spoke to David… did David and Tom Turco set Manuela up… did David set Imre up… are there any honest people left in Rochester?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hypocrite. Why do you remove posts which criticize your position? I posted earlier today. The post showed up. Now it’s gone.

    Don’t ever criticize anyone for censoring anything again. You lost that right when you started removing posts you don’t like.

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