The name of the game should be NON-partisanship

Dump Terry Bernardo

Terry Bernardo offered plenty of lip service about good, non-partisan governance in her inaugural speech on January 3, 2012:

    “And we will give our business owners and the public excellent service – which is what you, the taxpayers, are entitled to. We will do this with confidence never arrogance… with bi-partisanship, not dictatorship… and with an intelligent purpose, not merely a media focus.”

Here is more:

    “We shall partner with our friends in the Executive’s office to implement and help create the policies we pass…”

…it’s a long way from what one of Bernardo’s blogs proudly admits: “Terry Bernardo and Mike Hein have been feuding.”

We the people know that elected officials should provide excellent service in a non-partisan manner. But Terry Bernardo already forgot what she promised in January:

    “We can and must do this without ego or politics as best as we possibly can… because our job… all our jobs in county government… and we already know this… is to provide excellent service.”

Without ego or politics? Impossible for Bernardo. Time to look for somebody else, with a genuine desire to serve, not a sick ambition to gather power and control.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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1 Response to The name of the game should be NON-partisanship

  1. Anonymous says:

    She was obviously referring to egos that don’t belong to a Bernardo. Minor technicality!

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