Dishonesty, graft and collusion among the Party heads

Dump Terry Bernardo

Interesting article in Rockland County Times about a secret meeting – behind a cemetery! – seeking to save the Conservative Party Chair’s position:

    Influential kingmaker in Clarkstown and Rockland politics, Ed Lettre, the executive director of the Rockland chapter of the Conservative Party, called a “secret meeting” involving major players from all five Rockland County political parties last week.

    His purpose? To get everyone on board with a plan to keep his team of Conservatives in power, as he is facing a powerful challenge from a group led by former party chair Nick Longo. In return, of course, he told those in his camp he’ll help to keep them in power too.

Take a look at the comments below and tell me things are different in Ulster County:

    Jeanine Vecchiarelli
    Words positively fail me. We know there is dishonesty, graft and collusion among the Party heads in Rockland, and in general. But the depth and breadth, and the proof that these bosses are completely willing to act against their Parties’ principles as well as against the will of their registered members in order to keep their power is beyond breathtaking. Thank you, Dylan, for exposing this deplorable activity beyond all shadow of doubt.

    Barbara Gries
    Thank you, Dylan, for your investigation and reporting of this. We need more like you. With corruption like this it is no wonder that our county finances are in such a mess. The more I get involved in the political goings on in Rockland, the more convinced I am that the corruption in our government begins in the political parties. We need party leadership that is decent and honest and rooted in the same principles on which this country was built, not about how to use party position to gain and remain in power.

Read all about the House of Horrors in our neighbors’ County.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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1 Response to Dishonesty, graft and collusion among the Party heads

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the last Ulster County Legislator election when the race was fixed so that Terry Bernardo would win.

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