Bernardo-style solution

Dump Terry Bernardo

Desperately seeking relevance, Terry Bernardo wrote this letter to the Editor, published by Shawangunk Journal in the September 20 issue:

    Truth In Taxation Was MY Promise

    I am pleased that the County Executive has signed the Legislature’s Truth in Taxation proposal. This is one of the promises I made when I was elected Chairman of the Legislature. Now taxpayers will better be able to understand their tax bills. I applaud Town of Rochester Supervisor Carl Chipman and Town of Ulster Supervisor James Quigley for their advocacy and partnership with the Legislature in enacting this law.

    Terry Bernardo,
    Chairman, Ulster County Legislature

Typical Bernardo bull: say nothing, take credit, use big words, drop a few names… and dodge the truth on record (Freeman, August 19, 2012):

    The measure, known as the “Mandate and Taxation Information Act” was adopted unanimously by legislators and now is before County Executive Michael Hein…

    The proposed law is an outgrowth of the “Truth in Taxation” law introduced by Legislator James Maloney

    The plan adopted last week is a compromise between that measure and a competing “Transparency in Taxation” law crafted by Legislator Tracey Bartels

Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee adopted the measure in May, but it was delayed in going to the full Legislature due to turnover in the Legislature clerk’s office. As a commenter aptly put it in Freeman:

    …that is because the so-called leadership of this Legislature is petty, inexperienced, political, power hungry, vindictive and totally ineffectual. If Bernardo and her henchwoman Tantillo had the best interest of Ulster County at heart, there would have hired people who know what they are doing and not a group of out of town political hacks out for a paycheck. Shame on them.

So, an insert included with future property tax bills will show to County residents where their tax dollars go. Because we all know: when people bleed to death, accurate blood readings are a priority.

Did I mention that the cost of producing the county-wide-distributed insert would increase the already high taxes? Which I wouldn’t mind if the inserts would show how much we the taxpayers are paying extra to make up for tax breaks given to Bernardo’s business – Skate Time 209 – for creating imaginary jobs.

Wake up people!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to Bernardo-style solution

  1. Anonymous says:

    Times Herald-Record – 09/22/12
    Bid to cut tax breaks for Accord skating center messy
    “Terry and Len Bernardo’s Skate Time 209 has come under the Industrial Development Agency’s microscope for projecting the equivalent of 37 full-time jobs but generating only nine. The roller skating center and skateboard park has received nearly $160,000 in property and sales tax breaks since 2005. It’s slated to receive another $35,000 in breaks between 2013 and 2016.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Theft. Thieves. It is unfortunate the Legislators of Ulster County have no guts! Right is right and wrong needs correction. Where’s Mike Hein? He believes in JUSTICE. Where is Elliott? He’s the WATCH DOG. It is high time for the ofificials in Ulster County to lead by example. Bernardo–give the money back,. And if not–then the CHECKS and BALANCES within Ulster County need to take action, OOPS….Can’t be the DA–Bernardo owns him. Action. Action, We want action.

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