Re-Elect Congressman Chris Gibson

Manuela Michailescu
Kerhonkson, September 29, 2012 – Congressman Chris Gibson with Ulster County Republican Committee member (and former Town of Rochester Councilwoman) Manuela Michailescu at Kelder’s Farm during the Jennie Bell Pie Festival.

US Rep. Chris Gibson (R-Kinderhook) already represents most of the New York’s new 19th Congressional District. His challenger – Julian Schreibman (D-Stone Ridge) – is the former Chairman of the Ulster County Democratic Committee.

I don’t know if Schreibman did anything to deserve votes in Greene, Columbia, Delaware, Sullivan, Schoharie, Otsego, Dutchess, Rensselaer, Montgomery and Broome counties – all in the 19th Congressional District, but I know why he does not deserve the trust of the people of Ulster County.

Julian Schreibman is one of the politicians who brought us the embarrassment of having Terry Bernardo at the helm of Ulster County Legislature. Period. Schreibman and Ed Gaddy (Chairman of the Ulster County Conservative Party) went along with the dirty deal cooked in 2009 by Len Bernardo (Chairman of the Ulster County Independence Party) and Mario Catalano (Chairman of the Ulster County Republican Party).

Just to refresh your memory:

    Ellenville’s Shawangunk Journal
    “A back room deal was made a few months ago between the major parties to cross-endorse, thereby deciding to go around the voters completely and make sure the ‘right’ people won the election without any of that disturbing democracy business getting in the way.”
    New Paltz Times
    “Last spring, Republican chairman Mario Catalano and Independence Party leader Len Bernardo thought they’d cooked the deal of the decade in swapping three incumbent Democrats for a free ride on the Republican ticket for Terry Bernardo, the chairman’s wife.”
    Ellenville’s Shawangunk Journal
    “Voters in Ulster County’s District 1 (Wawarsing, Rochester, and Marbletown) don’t have any incentive to go to the polls when casting their ballots for the county legislature: there are only four candidates running for four seats.”

Dump Terry Bernardo

Manuela Michailescu forced a primary, won, and was the only Legislature candidate put on the ballot by voters, not by politicians.

Dump Terry Bernardo

In the 2009 General Election, Manuela Michailescu won the Republican line in all 17 local election districts. She won the Republican line by more than 400 votes:
Manuela Michailescu — 1719
Terry L. Bernardo — 1304

Drop Terry Bernardo, Julian Schreibman

Terry Bernardo got elected on the Democratic line, thanks to Schreibman who, in all fairness – after realizing what was happening – stated that “the whole Indy movement was about making Terry chairman” (Indy Rising by Hugh Reynolds, New Paltz Times, December 8, 2011, page 6). Too little. Too late. You only lose people’s trust once.

Vote for Gibson!

Chris Gibson joined the United States Army in 1986 after graduating from Siena College. He served tours in the First Gulf War, Kosovo, and Iraq, taught American politics at West Point and was a national security affairs fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He has received four Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart.

In 2010, the voters chose Chris Gibson as their representative in Congress. He kept his promise to always put Upstate New Yorkers first in Washington. We must re-elect him in November.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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4 Responses to Re-Elect Congressman Chris Gibson

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great coverage! I didn’t know Schreibman was in on buying Terry’s Legislator seat.
    I will make sure I vote for Gibson.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Schriebman and Bernardo deal rippled throughout the County, bringing in towns and other races that had nothing to do with the Legislature. Quid Pro Quo. It cost Democrats all over the place. And Julian was front and center on the deal. He was a horrible chairman, just horrible.

  3. Ed Gaddy says:

    I know you will not allow this to stay on your site because sneaky cheap shots are your M.O., with no chance to respond. You know darn well that the reason I agreed to a cross endorsement was it gave Rochester a Legislator for the first time since the late, great Vinny Dunn. You also Manuela did not contact me till after it all happened. We had a few minute conversation and she went to the Shawangunk Journal and stated I endorsed her candidacy. I don’t have any problem with someone running for office, but jumping in at the last minute doesn’t work. Calling me names and making baseless accusations supposedly in the name of a Candidate I strongly support, Chris Gibson is just another example of why I wouldn’t support Manuela for anything now. Fool me once……

    • Ed Gaddy says:

      I have to add to my previous posting. How could Julian Schreibman and I conspire together to “Do this dirty deal” as you like to call it in 2009. Julian Schreibman and I had
      never spoken until January of 2012. Please buy yourself a Calendar and get your facts straight for the future. You are using a Democrat playbook strategy. Keep flinging Fertilizer against the wall until something sticks. Manuela was her own worst enemy in 2 back to back elections. She waited till everyone was going over the finish line, stuck her foot out and tripped the other runners and declared herself the winner. You can’t do that. Get in early, take a stand, take your chances. Don’t cry foul afterwards when you arrive at the movie when the credits are rolling.

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