Anti-Semitic Jew Fred Newman led his cult-like followers to Independence Party power

Dump Len Bernardo
Len Bernardo, the Ulster County Independence Party Boss.

Meet the brains behind the fraud that is the Independence Party

Read The Daily News article published Monday, December 10, 2012.


  • Until his death in 2011, Fred Newman was an avowed Marxist, a Jew who was given to anti-Semitic ravings and the inventor of a form of psychotherapy that encouraged patients to have sex with him.
  • He practiced “social therapy,” which teaches patients to cope with psychological issues by getting involved in politics — which meant backing his causes.
  • Former followers have said Newman led people to give up careers and family, and to support his organization financially.
  • Newman founded the International Workers Party – blending radical leftist politics with his psychological theories.
  • When he set his sights on becoming a force in a newly formed, mainstream organization, first he implanted his agents in the Perot-inspired Patriot Party and then he targeted New York’s fledgling Independence Party.
  • Newman gained important power over awarding the party’s ballot line to candidates for offices up to governor and U.S. senator.
  • As the Independence Party rolls swelled with the names of unwitting voters who surely share few of the Newman’ obsessions, his troops systematically fulfilled their late founder’s vision by constructing a fantastic illusion of grass-roots support.

Read The Daily News article

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