Steven L. Fornal – the “L” stands for STFU

Dump Terry Bernardo, Screw Steven Fornal

If the headline above makes you scratch your head, don’t give up. Help is on the way.

My previous post established beyond doubt that Steven Fornal is a liar. While he likes to parrot himself by repeating his own cock-and-bull stories, Steven Fornal excels at repeating lies about Manuela Michailescu:

    “Serving on the Town Board she received a salary from taxpayers while failing to pay her own taxes.”

    [Manuela Michailescu and her husband]… “failed to pay the IRS. They failed to pay their school taxes.”

100% pure Fornal bull. Please check again the Final Report issued by the Trustee, and see for yourself that IRS and Rondout Valley School District didn’t make any claims. Because we never owed a penny in back taxes.

At the first meeting, the bankruptcy lawyer asked for a complete list of our pecuniary obligations at that moment in time (October 2008). Of course, the taxes due were listed (actually, the amount due to IRS was a penalty tax for early withdrawal from Manuela’s IRA). For all his pretension, I expected Fornal to grasp the difference between due and overdue.

Now, in Fornal’s defense, he is not creative enough to cook a whopper from scratch. He peeked at our filing papers, and tailored the lie to order. I hope he got a free pass at Len and Terry Bernardo’s Skate Time 209.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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