Worst Leg forward?

Yep! Mrs. Len Bernardo made the cover again!
Daily Freeman – December 30, 2012

Dump Terry Bernardo

Politics makes strange bedfellows:

    David O’Halloran:
    “Terry is a small business owner and will take good care of taxpayer dollars. She is responsible and capable and has earned our support.”

    Steven Fornal:
    “If you want a person of integrity, who will represent you with responsible decision making and demonstrating great personal responsibility, Terry Bernardo is the only choice. She has demonstrated her ability to get things accomplished and to do so honestly and via lots of effort.”

    Alan & Ruth Bendelius:
    “Terry Bernardo is our best hope for ensuring that Rochester’s needs are heard and taken care of in the Ulster County Legislature. We enthusiastically endorse her.”

Yes, you can fool some people all the time. Yes, Terry Bernardo should apologize to the people who publicly supported Terry the Candidate. And yes, those people should apologize to the rest of us, but don’t you hold your breath – promises of sharing in the potential Casino pie and free-passes to SkateTime 209 are hard to resist.

The organizational meeting for the 2013 Legislative year will be held tomorrow. Bribed with Len Bernardo’s endorsements of his make-believe Independence Party, the Legislators would “elect” again Len’s wife as their “leader,” permanently smearing their legacies with Terry Bernardo’s dirty fingerprints.

Anybody wants to bet on the results of November 2013 elections?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to Worst Leg forward?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The current Legislature deserves to be the subject of a “case study.”

    In a comment on the Liberty Coalition blog somebody suggested that the Legislators are “afraid of the Little Man.” Afraid of what? No Legislator’s election was affected by the Little Man’s Independence line.

    So, on top of being “afraid,” what else can explain the Legislators’ behavior?

    Why are they not seeing the incompetence, desire for power, and corruption even when it pokes them in the eyes? Why the obvious to many remains hidden to them? Blind leading the blind? Or are they as arrogant as Madam Chair and believe that nobody pays attention and the seats are theirs forever?

    Are they more incompetent than Bernardo? Do they lack any leadership skills? How can they accept Terry Bernardo as their leader? If they don’t care about the responsibility to step up when necessary and assume the leadership, they should no longer be Legislators.

    Thank God, November 2013 is not that far away.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the legislator’s to individually out loud cast their vote for chairman and then have the press interview each one for the record. How many no comments will we hear, or they all run out before Doxsey corners them?

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