Roger, I don’t hear you saying “Roger”

Dump Terry Bernardo

As we’ve learned from the previous post – Kamasutra: The Chairman’s Position – Ulster GOP Chairman Roger Rascoe has no use for blogs and pesky comments.

I’m curious what’s the Chairman’s position vis-à-vis opinions expressed on a “real” newspaper’s website. Below are a few comments posted on Freeman Online about a subject dear to Mr. Rascoe: Terry Bernardo.

  • So Ms. Bernardo has a goal of “making Ulster County ‘the most drug-free county in the nation’”? Good luck with that. When she discovers how to do it, she can pass that knowledge on the the feds for the “war on drugs.” How much of our county resources are going to be spent on this goal?

Bernardo is an absolute waste of tax dollars (and a thief in receiving tax incentives on the family business); she does not represent the citizens of Ulster County or the Town of Rochester and is basically a complete waste of time and energy. Shame on her and her “politics.”
Looks like daddy Parete must have grounded his boys Richard and Robert. Daddy surely schooled his too boys on good old U.C. politics. “Now boys you are democrats. But we need to support Terry, a republican.The two of you will need her husband, Len’s support, I mean return favor, if you want a political future here. Let daddy take the blame from the democrats for voting for Benardo and the two of you stay out of sight!” Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have politicians working for our future and not only theirs? I guess we will keep reelecting the same ones…
  • Is it me or does Mrs. Bernardo not quite understand what she is suppose to be doing there? I am perplexed at these sub committees, drug task forces, and other suggestions that exclude the Legislative process of Standing Committees. Why not just assign the task to the standing committee responsible? Why create another layer of bureaucracy to cloud the issue and further delay action? 
How the Majority decided it was in their best interest to reappoint Bernardo is beyond me, she seems to be living in some sort of alternate universe which is not connected to the reality of what the Legislatures responsibilities and duties actually are.
Looks like the Republicans have decided they want the Democrats to run the Legislature again. With this vote, they rolled out the red carpet for Executive Hein to continue to take on the role of policy maker via Budget and assure that there will be another year of defensive, exclusionary, and non productive legislative so called leadership, with Mrs. Len Bernardo and Co. at the helm.
Let me lay out the REAL plan for 2013 (based on every year’s plan): 
”Argue, bicker, quarrel, and fight among each other, get nothing accomplished, and head over to Little Italy after the meetings for drinks.”
We the taxpayers do not need this person in this position. See this article about her business skate time 209. If she cannot handle her own business properly then how can the taxpayers trust her with monies that are not hers?

No qualifications are needed to be elected at any level anymore. 
You are correct about her business practices, but why would anyone assume she will do better with our money, than hers is beyond me… 
However it’s not just local anymore its country wide. Incompetence must be a requirement to run for political office these days.
  • Yes, that and lack of common sense are both requirements to run for political office today!
  • Every time I hear Mrs. Len Bernardo speak, I am struck by how ill suited she is to be Chairman of the Legislature. As long as she is running things, there will be no progress in the Legislature coming to terms with what their role in Government is. Mrs. Len Bernardo and her team have done nothing of substance and there is no reason to believe that will change anytime soon.
  • I would suggest that you do a little historical research. There were many people who worked on this problem (Wawarsing flooding) long before Bernardo’s husband finagled his way to putting his wife in office. It had nothing to do with Bernardo or her out of county appointees. The wheels were in motion when they were still telling the IDA they were going to hire 25 people at their new place.

Do you hear anything Mr. Rascoe? Mr. Rascoe?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to Roger, I don’t hear you saying “Roger”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It must be tough for Roger Rascoe to accept that the majority of Ulster County taxpayers do not feel properly represented by the totally incompetent Terry Bernardo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Rascoe has selective hearing. If it isn’t what he wants to hear, he doesn’t hear it. Maybe he will hear it at next election when the Democrats take the Legislature back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Roger Rascoe not only has selective hearing–he was an individual who is lost in the crowd. Always wanted to be popular yet uncomfortable with himself. Enter the Senator, Mario, Davie O and the Little Man with a plan. There was a need for a fall guy. Find a guy who is clueless, needs to be popular and has a wife the Senator uses.

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