Ulster County, speechless (part 3)

Dump Terry Bernardo

Below is another hard to digest slice of Terry Bernardo’s speech:

    Chairwoman’s Address
    delivered by Terry Bernardo on January 2, 2013 – Part 3

      This is not the only part of the budget process that is backwards. Currently New York State Town Law section 106 requires the Town Budget officer to file the tentative budget for the town on or before September 30th.

      Ulster County tentative budget is now filed with the Clerk of the Legislature before or on the first Friday in October. That’s a full week after the tentative budgets have been filed by the town boards and presented to their communities.

      Now, the Counties of Monroe and Westchester have already addressed this issue for their tentative budgets, ironically not for their final budgets though, but for the tentative budgets they have.

      They are the only Counties in New York State that by State Law file their town budgets on or before October 30th, instead of September 30th, enabling them the benefit of knowing what their County’s budget is going to be before they present their own budget.

      A budget is always an educated guesstimate, but we want our towns to be able to have the best educated decisions that they can when formulating the budget, not for them to have to guess what Ulster County’s budget is going to be.

      All of our local governments’ budgetary visions should be aligned and alignment of visions requires that we align the budget process as well. And I am going to ask this year that we petition the State Legislature to fix this for Ulster County, if not for the entire State.

      Far more prominent than Advisory Groups, we must remain united in our vision to address the gap of the Ulster County Recovery Agency and obtain full disclosure regarding the New York State Comptroller’s report.

      I am asking Legislators Carl Belfiglio and John Parete if they are willing to attend the RRA board meeting and brief the full Legislature monthly on RRA activities, and I’m asking the director of RRA to do the same.

    Great speech, right! Wait till you see the next chunk. If you have comments on what you’ve read so far, don’t be shy, post them. Thank you!

    – Jon Dogar-Marinesco

    NOTE: If I missed a few letters from the speech, the remedy is simple: let Terry Bernardo post the actual speech, and I will correct my mistakes, if any.

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2 Responses to Ulster County, speechless (part 3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    She gives no numbers while discussing the budget, but asks for changing the county budget presentation date? Definitely she is in love with Hein! Otherwise, why would she stalk him like this? Since day one, all she talks about is what Hein did without asking for her approval. Or Lenny’s, for that matter!

  2. Anonymous says:

    jeez she’s an idiot!!!! tentative budgets are just that, tentative! serious budget discussions at the town level always start in november after election day

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