Packing UPAC

Dump Terry Bernardo

It started with Christian music at Skate Time 209. Then came the ants, by mail. When credibility became scarce the media-hounds began to position themselves at the center of unfortunate events: storms, Wawarsing flood, graffiti under the bridge…

By wheeling and dealing, Len Bernardo planted his wife on the high chair of the Ulster County Legislature. Her first term was a miserable failure. Second term doesn’t look better, so there is no wonder they are now sucking on the latest life saver: New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, commonly known as the NY SAFE Act.

What follows is a compilation of articles and comments, both printed and digital:

*** It’s called playing the hype in the political game. You discover an issue with enough passion behind it that a wave of unbridled support will show up without much prompting, rent a space at taxpayer expense large enough to attract enough people to create an event overwhelming any logical discussion and ride the wave of self-importance… Yup, right out of Stalin’s handbook. ***

    Terry Bernardo on Facebook:
    Dump Terry Bernardo

    Len Bernardo ‏on Twitter:
    “URGENT! If you live in the Hudson Valley – come out 2/19/13 to UPAC 7pm UC Leg to vote on resolution opposing the way #nysafeact was enacted.”

    Len Bernardo on Facebook:

*** I am sure it helped get the place packed since it was opened up to the entire HUDSON VALLEY, not only to Ulster County! I am glad to see our Legislature Chairman’s husband is out there trying to stack the deck in his wife’s favor. It is comforting to know they are such ethical people. ***

Freeman – February 6, 2013
Ulster County Legislature panel backs opposition to state gun law

    “I’ll put it in a woman’s terms,” she said. “You wouldn’t want to pass a law that makes it illegal just for cosmetic reasons. I can look one way when I come to work and I throw on a suit and some makeup and fix my hair and I look another way when I wake up in the morning but you wouldn’t want to pass a law saying that just because I looked that way in the morning that was problematic.”

*** “It’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.” Well, Ms. Bernardo made her choice with the above quotation from the Freeman article. If that’s a representative example of her thought process and language usage, how did she get elected to anything? ***

Freeman – February 12, 2013
Ulster County Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo launching re-election campaign

    KINGSTON, N.Y. — Republican Terry Bernardo has launched her campaign for a third term as an Ulster County legislator with a birthday celebration fundraiser at the Accord Firehouse.

    Bernardo, of Accord, who is currently the chairwoman of the Ulster County Legislature, will this year run with the public backing of gun rights advocates who are urging supporters to attend her annual birthday fundraiser and support her at the polls in November…

    The Hudson Valley Sportsman’s website, which is organizing bus transportation to the Albany rally, is urging rally-goers to attend Bernardo’s fundraiser and in a post on the site it states: “Terry has been doing a tremendous job fighting for our 2nd amendment rights and we cannot afford to lose her support if she is displaced. So please make it a point to help support her in prepping for the upcoming 2013 elections.”

    Bernardo’s husband, Len, who is also an Accord Fire Department commissioner, said that since he and Terry Bernardo will take part in the rally it made sense to hold the fundraiser at the firehouse, which is also one of three bus pick-up/drop-off spots for the rally.

*** So let me get this straight. Bernardo is spearheading a resolution, then holding a fundraiser with a guest list of the people who want the resolution passed? Is that ethical or even legal? ***

*** How is this legal? How can a publicly funded firehouse hold a political function? If I were a taxpayer in that town, I would be screaming! ***

*** Gee, what a coincidence! Have the party where they will be dropped off! I’m sure Len Bernardo couldn’t have had anything to do with the original choice of the Firehouse for the first rally either. Or the choice of drop-off. Why not their Roller Rink? It’s right down the road. ***

*** I hope the Bernardos are paying full value for the use of the facility and report it on the campaign required filing. This is not some community group wanting to use the firehouse (I know of situations of just that where Len tried hard to make them pay). This is a private affair no different than any other birthday party. I hope Len plans to watch carefully those who choose to imbibe on the free beer being offered before allowing them on the roads. ***

*** The only reason there will be a lot of people there is because Bernardo has been riling up the 2nd amendment folks for 3 weeks looking for support for her campaign. She is hosting a fundraiser with these people as her main targets for donations! ***

*** I honestly feel sorry for the people being taken advantage of by Bernardo. When she is done with her fundraisers, she will forget them like yesterday’s news. The worst part is, nothing will change, not a damn thing except you will have funded her campaign. ***

*** I hope this ethically and morally challenged fundraiser is the beginning of the end of the Bernardos in Ulster County! ***

Freeman – February 18, 2013
Ulster County Legislature considers resolution Tuesday night opposing state gun-control law

    KINGSTON, N.Y. — Ulster County legislators will take up a measure Tuesday night that calls on the state Legislature to repeal portions of the New York SAFE Act that resolution sponsors say infringe upon people’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms…

    The resolution opposing the SAFE Act is co-sponsored by the entire 12-member GOP caucus in the 23-member Legislature, virtually assuring its clear passage through the full Ulster County Legislature.

*** With all 12 Republican legislators co-sponsoring – and the 3-Parete safety net – the passage of the non-binding resolution was 100% guaranteed without the UPAC Circus. Terry Bernardo and her husband Len, are a joke and an outrage. They manipulate the system to their advantage and offer nothing in the way of productive work. ***

Freeman – February 21, 2013
Ulster County Legislature adopts resolution opposing NY gun-control law after raucous public speak-out at UPAC

    KINGSTON, N.Y. — Passions ran high as more than 1,000 people packed the Ulster Performing Arts Center to speak out about a resolution, ultimately approved, putting the Ulster County Legislature on record opposing the state’s new stringent gun law known as the SAFE Act.

    Lawmakers adopted the resolution, which calls for the state to repeal portions of Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, in a 14-8 vote late Tuesday following more than three hours of public comment that, at times, was punctuated by raucous applause, heckling and boos.

*** Just wondering if you even knew Bernardo’s name before all of this? Do you have any idea what her opinion was before this? Do you know where she stands on any other issue? Has it ever occurred to you that you are being used? ***

Allow me to wrap this up with Carl Chipman – the voice of reason:

    As much as I believe in and am sworn to uphold the Constitution including the 2nd Amendment, the events of last evening should not have occurred. The Ulster County Legislature had no business passing a resolution regarding the SAFE Act either pro or con. I felt that way when I spoke out against Draft Resolution #0108 asking for greater gun controls proposed by Legislators Gregorius and Donaldson during last months legislative session and it still feel that way when it comes to this resolution on the other side of the issue.

    The Ulster County Legislature’s responsibility is to set county governmental policy and to provide governmental financial oversight as per the Ulster County Charter. Last night’s proceedings were a waste of time and taxpayers dollars and accomplished absolutely nothing. It’s ludicrous that our tax dollars were spent to rent the UPAC to provide enough space for the public interested in a “memorializing resolution”.

Happy Birthday, Terry!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to Packing UPAC

  1. Anonymous says:

    Terry Bernardo is very popular in our neck of the woods, Webster (Monroe County): A plug for Ulster County Chairman Terry Bernardo

  2. Anonymous says:

    1:55 just youn and the trees in the woods I guess. She can’t do that much damage there. Her and the little guys egos have done damage to the taxpayers and people of Ulster County that will take years to repair. All because Rasco takes his orders to keep his blonde wife in a job.

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