The other Pride of Rochester

Dump Terry Bernardo

Whoever had the idea last year to bestow upon Terry Bernardo the Pride of Rochester award, needs to stop slacking and get down to work. If help is needed to select this year’s recipient, here is my nominee: Steven Lance Fornal

If Mr. Fornal does not deserve the award, I don’t know who does.

He is arguably the only town resident with a stellar education. As he modestly confesses, his “areas of concentrated study include Psychology, Husserlian Phenomenology, Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Chaos Theory, Fractal Dimensions, Economics, Politics (Global and Local).”

Dump Terry Bernardo

His creativity knows no boundaries. For example – in a superb gesture of human sharing – he borrows a title from a fellow writer:

Dump Terry Bernardo

His first book soaring in the best-sellers’ ranking on (#8,384,937) was bested only by his second book soaring in the best-sellers’ ranking on (#9,023,651):

Dump Terry Bernardo

Mr. Fornal’s books received 5-star reviews signed “Psychsound” and “Melodrumaddict.” Melo-drum-addict from Hudson Valley… I wonder who could that be?

Dump Terry Bernardo

There are hundreds of other reasons to give the award to Mr. Fornal, but I’m only going to mention the most recent. As everybody knows, Hugo Chavez – one of the people who inspired Steven – passed away yesterday. Sorrow aside, winning something – anything! – might be just the kick Mr. Fornal needs.

Dump Terry Bernardo

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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