Len Bernardo – a.k.a. Peter Dangling – unhinged

Dump Terry Bernardo
Unaware that I connected his computer to my septic tank, a puzzled Len Bernardo – the Chairman of the Ulster County Independence Party – had a WTF moment: “What the hell is going on? How come my comments don’t make it to Jon’s blog?!”


Among the many comments to one of my previous posts, one stunk: embedded in its midst there was some innuendo directed at my family – without any connection to the topic at hand. On a hunch, I deleted the offending paragraph (highlighted blue in the first comment below). Two minutes later, at 9:43 PM, Len Bernardo went bananas under the nom de guerre Molon Labe – Greek for “come and get it.”

After deleting a few times the same comment he was trying to post, I let him do whatever he wanted. He only posted the same comment 236 times, then another one 84 times (plus four times on the Liberty Coalition blog). At this point – via software – I took away his toy, so he no longer could pollute this blog. It took Lenny a long time to renounce the idea that I was manually deleting his comments.

I know this post is awfully long. Bear with it, it’s not only entertaining, it also spotlights Len Bernardo’s miserable character.

All comments – if not otherwise labeled – were submitted by:
Molon Labe / rc4unme@gmail.com / IP
Dump Terry Bernardo

    9:43 PM
    Looks like someone edited my post leaving out some pertanent points. See if you can leave this as it stands Jon…..

    Elmer, the first thing you learn in local politics is not to take ” anonymous” comments or replies seriously or to heart. I personally wouldn’t even entertain them for they are as meaningless as their fortitude challenged authors. Just like their minority leader of the UC Legislative Circus that so eloquently pointed out after he was lulled into a trance by his own melodic voice for five minutes ” Cowards”.

    The author of this quip in this rochester smokescreen and his wife are longtime adversaries of the Bernardo family. Sounds like someones wife is still upset she didnt get Republican backing and had to settle for the Liberty Coalition’s stamp of approval. From their own history in town they really shouldn’t throw stones! People who cry the loudest about cheating or people taking advantage of loopholes or of other people , well you know the rest…….

    Personally I could care less what Terry’s motives are for supporting our fight against Prince Andrew’s useless UNSAFE Act. Remember Bob Seger’s ” Night Moves”? ” I used her, she used me and neither one cared” pretty much sums it up! I’ll stand with you and fight for our rights and welcome anyone who wants to join the fight regardless of their motives! Heaven knows after a three hour list of speakers, being human and such, I even have to pee sometimes or God forbid, stop in the middle of a sentence to take a drink of water when uncomfortably parched . I appreciate your trying to interject some levity into that UPAC sesssion although its wasted on these elitist, holier than thou “Catfish”. If that’s everyone’s gripe with your activism consider yourself lucky. Remember these commenters are so much smarter and better than everyone else they are ashamed to sign their names. While im not ashamed of signing my name I’m going to sign with what most of them will have to google. If I dont know who Im speaking to why should they…..? Dont worry Brother we got your six!!!!!!!! Catfish are jumpin……….

    9:54 PM
    The author of this quip in this rochester smokescreen and his wife are longtime adversaries of the Bernardo family. Sounds like someones wife is still upset she didnt get Republican backing and had to settle for the Liberty Coalition’s stamp of approval. From their own history in town they really shouldn’t throw stones! People who cry the loudest about cheating or people taking advantage of loopholes or of other people , well you know the rest……. If you’d like Jon I could always revisit this in the Freeman, the Gunk, The BSP, the Record and a few others or you can retrieve your testicles from your wife’s purse and leave my post unedited….

    10:01 PM
    I gave you the option Jon. Keep an eye out in the Freeman, gunk, BSP , record. I will be smiling as I refresh everyone’s memory of what they might have forgotten!

    10:12 PM
    Almost comical…… You can say what you want on here as long as Jon approves…. Wow….. Now that’s the Democracy you so worship…… If you had any clue who it was , you might realize that I will dedicate every waking hour to posting my comment that you continue to edit and delete. Not just hear….. The trickle down theory might effect any chance your wife has of ever running for any office again. It’s not like your going to hide it. I already posted it in its entirety on Elmer’s email and has already been forwarded to thousands. I think I’ll also post it on Robin Yess’s Liberty Coalition’s page and let her know how the husband of one of her party’s candidate can’t even allow a counter opinion on his blog…… Sounds like someone has something to hide…. Maybe we will have to look a little deeper to see what your so worried about…..

    Anonymous / IP / a.k.a. Len Bernardo (keylogger!)
    10:23 PM
    Jon Marinesco is a bitter angry hate filled pathetic little man. All he does is try to destroy Terry Bernardo with lies and criticism which has no substance. Now he’s deleting comments like crazy. He did it the other day, too, when I posted a list of things the DOJ allows public employees to do in response to his lies about Terry doing something illegal at her b-day party.

    Whats the matter Jon? Can’t stand the truth?

    I told the truth when I said Fornino is telling people you were involved with the commies in Romania. After you delivered your pathetic blog to him he told people again that your a commie.

    Your a sick, twisted troll Jon. You have nothing better to do with your time than go after the Bernardos. Maybe if you dealt with your business instead of spreading hate and crap all over the place your business wouldn’t be in the crapper and you wouldn’t have had to file bankruptcy.

    Your a liar Jon. Your a sick sick man. Go get yourself some medical help. And tell that moron wife of yours not to run for anything. She can’t win. The only reason she even got elected to the town board in the first place was because of everyone else running. That’s why she got less votes than any other republican that year. She can’t win an election on her own. She can’t beat Terry no matter what crap you make up about her. She’s stupid and your evil. Hell of a couple you two idiots make.

    Leave Molon Labe’s comments up unless your a coward. Have some balls and a spine. You opened this can of worms. Now take responsibility for it.
    Dump Terry Bernardo
    5:48 PM
    The grand wizard has been waving his wand around again…. Stop playing with your wand Jon. Jon, you should severe your relationship with the delete button and let free speech spread like a cure through this diseased smokescreen . Let it permeate through your empty head so to rattle loose your ability to understand that people have the right to voice their opinion just as much as you do without censorship ….Most people will not tolerate bullies who infringe on people’s first amendment rights and delete opposing viewpoints stifling the opposition instead of promoting democracy! Shame, shame….. And hear I thought ,you thought you were intelligent… Actions prove otherwise….. Stupid is as Jon does…. Have you ever had an honest day in your life??? Shady is shady. Confirmation is redundant…… Maybe golf??? Macramé??? Bonsai??? Insert your new hobby here…. Remember our talk Jon… You own a local business …… You rely on customers who probably aren’t fond of First amendment stomping, holier than thou, elitist , censoring, delusional shopkeepers and supposed businessman….. Now play nice and go bash Terry and Len to your fan club….. Golf???? Playing with your wand…. Don’t go blind…….

The next two comments take the cake:

    9:46 PM
    Old Brick House Antiques really sucks…Went shopping there once. That was enough for me. Overpriced garage sale rejects. There were actually people picketing outside the store. I talked with those folks for quite a while. According to them Jon and his wife are devote communists who defected from Romania back in the early 80′s. They were accused of tax fraud and evasion and ended up claiming bankruptcy and cost us taxpayers a fortune. I personally verified one fact the protesters informed me about. Jon runs a blog that exists solely to degrade and attack his wife’s political adversaries Terri and Len Bernardo. Out of the 100′s of Jon’s rankings on his blog only one wasn’t an attack on the Bernardo’s . He deletes all comments from posters that are contrary to his delusional beliefs and thoughts and then publicly laughs about it. He acts like he’s the supreme leader of censorship. Also from his rantings it appears as though he very anti gay. It’s no wonder he’s not doing any business . I doubt the economy is to blame. I foresee a closed for good sign out front as well as a foreclosure notice to follow in the local paper. I would stay very far away from this garage sale…… You can tell its doing well. They have one friend and zero likes on FaceBook. Looks like Jon’s actions will prohibit him from doing business….

    12:05 AM
    Hey Jon. I just posted this on the Liberty Coalitions website. Lets see you delete that Mr. Champion of the good censor….. Mr. Bernardo basher…. I gave you the option of Not Deleting My Counter Opinion…. I’m sure it’s not the last bad decision you’ll make…..Go,ahead Jon. Exercise your delete key… I’ll get carpal tunnel hitting my send button….. I’m a man of my word and will send out those letters to Freeman, BSP, Gunks, Record, Journal and some publications in the city ( To cover any Point Blank Inc. clients)as well as posting it on Linkdin, each and every 260 members of the UC Development Corp, Professional Book Sellers Club and anywhere else I can share. ) I hope your management of and your behavior on your blog aren’t indicative as to how you conduct business at Red Brick House Antiques, Point Blank Inc. and other shady stuff you and your wife are involved in. I hear that Cuomo is going after STAR fraud…… Hope you get your primary residence straight…. You had the option…. you chose…. How’s that workin out for ya? Here’s the comment I posted on Robin’s site… Enjoy…

    Maybe the the votes for Manuela were so low due to the fact the her husband Jon runs a anti- Terry Bernardo blog called the smokescreen and deletes all posts from people who have opposing views! Most people will not tolerate bullies who infringe on people’s first amendment rights and delete opposing viewpoints stifling the opposition instead of promoting democracy! Shame, shame….. Birds of a feather…..

    Oh and Jon. In case you haven’t learnt anything yet, Never poke the bear ( or Real Republican ) in the cage….. Have a nice evening Rhino

    12:43 AM (In reply to himself)
    As a business owner you would think he would at least entertain without deleting other people’s opinions. Doesn’t he realize that if this gets out his business will drop! Talk about self induced poverty….. I’ve already shared this with my two neighbors from the city who love to shop on the weekends along with all their friends who they bring up. These boys love to support alternative and difference accepting friendly businesses . Censorship and discrimination is not welcome amongst their lifestyle fans… I’ve already Bcc.d them on all my e mails to Elmer so they see what the owner of old brick house antiques is about and word is already spreading like wildfire in their community network. Remind Jon when he’s crying that he’s going bankrupt again…. this was his choosing….he had the choice…. Anyway, thank you for your support…..

    7:50 AM
    Maybe they will understand we don’t really care about their opinions of the Bernardo’s . Our goal is getting the UNSAFE Act repealed……. If Jon didn’t drag Elmer into this We wouldn’t even have known this little cult exists! As much as they hate Terry is as much we will defend our Brother and try to educate the ignorant……

    6:05 PM
    You’ll let me print that but you edited my original post to exclude your past history in town….. That anon is right you are a pathetic little man. I’m looking fwd to reading one of the local rags when you have to pull the ” open ” sign, and close shop for good because no one will do business with you. I’ ll wave MY magic wand and rapier tongue till my job is done…….and you will still be the Loser…

    6:37 PM
    If my dog were as fugly as your wife I’d shave his ass and teach him how to walk backwards….
    Dump Terry Bernardo
    1:27 AM
    Am I keeping you up Jon?

    12:57 AM
    How long does it take Jon to change a light bulb? He’ll never change it! He prefers to stay in the dark!

    12:58 AM
    Staying up late Jon??? Playing with your wand …….

    1:27 AM
    Your a pussy Jon…

    1:31 AM
    Your still a pussy Jon.

Please compare the following two comments, coming from different names and email addresses, but from the same computer:

    Molon Labe / rc4unme@gmail.com / IP
    1:57 AM
    Somebody please help Jon get the psych help he needs… If he concentrated half as much on his business as he does censoring posts from people who aren’t part of this smokescreen cult maybe he can stop costing taxpayers a fortune with his bankruptcies

    Peter Dangling / dizzydj98@gmail.com / IP
    10:11 AM
    New to the area and caught wind of this site on the web. Loved the gun article. I never knew half of those things. There were no guns allowed where im from.Almost appears as if this a vendetta blog though.I’m willing to give it a chance so ill give it some time. I just moved here so I’m all about learning about my new neighborhood. Some interior decorating advice would be helpful, I want to go country motif. Love the country and the clean air up here.Wheres a good place to eat? Thanks

Thank you for reading this. If you understood that Len Bernardo is the scum of Ulster County, your time was not wasted.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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5 Responses to Len Bernardo – a.k.a. Peter Dangling – unhinged

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Len must have went off the deep end when he realized that Jon found out about Terry’s attempt to prove that Jon hacked her computer. I stll ROTFL when I picture that whole scene as it happened..

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I saw some of this live on the blog, must be before his posts got hooked to the septic. I was thinking WTF as the number of comments bounced all over.

    The entertainment and insanity in your sleepy little town never stops!

    Pop corn and soda??? Oh sorry, it’s beer and it’s served at the tax payers’ fire house!

    My personal favorite so far has been the post about Jon hacking everyone’s computers.

    I enjoy the laughs… Keep ’em coming!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are Peter and Len related to Mike and Harry Cox?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is he talking about getting elected? He got crushed!!! And his wife always had the election fixed to guarantee a win. Oh, I’m sorry, except the first time when she lost. I guess they are used to that. They screwed us taxpayers out of all that money for her playground called skate something

  5. Anne Nonymous says:

    Len Bernardo seems to be one obsessive a…hole. He might actually do some good for the community if he realized that Jesus was watching him and will remember the way he is screwing others and if he also decided to try and help others with real needs and not just amass power to line his pockets.

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