Hacking Len Bernardo’s brain

Dump Terry Bernardo Dump Len Bernardo

OK. Don’t panic. Let’s see. Who can help now? Bonacic? Fat chance, fatter after redistricting. Roger? Who am I kidding… Honey! Honey, did you blame Hein on Facebook today? Good, good… Must focus. Plan A. Take them to court, all of them, I don’t care… County, IDA, whomever…

Chapman! Langdon would help me. Hired him for fifty grand, time to cash in the chips… I’m not sure about suing IDA. Not too bright, am I? I need David in town, it’s an election year… Nobody steers committees like David. So IDA is out of question, not good, not good…

Plan B… we sign the new deal. I know it’s a good deal, but why give them any money at all? Let the taxpayers pay, on principle. Tax-payers. What part of tax-payers don’t they understand? Say we sign, then what? We must pay $8,340 more per year, that’s $22.84 per day, surely we can save that… Honey! How much is a pound of Botox nowadays?

Aw shucks! Almost forgot… It’s not enough to sign the agreement, we must also provide complete job data for 2012 to the Industrial Development Agency. Oh David, you again! Who the hell do you think you are? Dude, did you have to send me two requests via certified mail? What do you want from me? Blood? What complete data are you talking about? We never submitted complete data… Never existed, I thought you knew that… You didn’t have to tell the press that “if the Bernardos don’t provide that information, the PILOT will be terminated even if they do agree to the voluntary reduction…”

What should we do? What should I do? Staying home to write a comment on that Rochester smokescreen instead of attending IDA’s meeting? I don’t even remember if it was my idea or Terry’s. Jon didn’t let me post the comment anyway, but it was worth writing it. I told him… I told him…

    You are so transparent. You want Terry to run for something else so Manu can be a legislator. You know she can’t beat Terry one on one.

    The problem is Manu can’t win an election where she doesn’t have others dragging her along on their coattails. That’s the only reason she won in 2007. She’s an incompetent and a very stupid person. She can’t put together two intelligent words when she talks and she played Mrs. Stalin whenever she went into the youth commission or other town offices. The democrats can run a raccoon and it will beat Manu.

    How’s the Fornino thing going for you? Did he ever respond to your stupid challenge? I’m guessing not. But if you keep bugging him he might just get his friends at the FBI to investigate you for bankruptcy fraud. so please. Keep taking potshots at people like Fornino and Leseur. Keep pissing them off so they will go after you and stomp you like the cockroach you are.

    Just admit it. You know Fornino’s right and you were a commie back in the old country. Confession is good for the soul you fraud.

    I know your going to try to guess whos writing posts against you but your always going to be wrong. You’ve screwed over so many people in Rochester and other parts of the county it could be anyone. Anyone who used to be your friend knows your a scumbag who stabs your friends in the back. Only thing for sure is that I’m not any of the people you like to blame. But keep guessing. Its kind of fun watching you blame people and prove yourself an idiot.

Jon would never know who writes these comments. I post them via Europe. But I digress… Honey! Honey, do you really think Jon is hacking our brains?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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5 Responses to Hacking Len Bernardo’s brain

  1. Anonymous says:


    Manu is incompetent and very stupid; Jon is an idiot. And the “commenter” proves his intellect through grammatical errors, misspellings and improper use of words. Manu and Jon came to the US as adults and learned how to speak, read and write the English language. The illiterate “commenter” was born here in the States and then has the audacity to attempt to challenge and criticize others’ intellect in an illiterate rant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shows what a jackass the Bernardo’s really are. Why can’t they just pay taxes like everyone else. How many other businesses in Town of Rochester has gotten away with not paying taxes? None I’m sure.

  3. Anonymous says:

    From the website:
    destupidifying the masses

    Learn the rule: your / you’re
    ⚫ your is a possessive adjective, indicating ownership of something
    ⚪ That is your sock.
    ⚪ Where is your potato?
    ⚫ you’re is a contraction (combination) of you and are
    ⚪ Do you know what you’re doing?
    ⚪ You’re stupid.
    The two are not interchangeable.
    Getting it wrong makes you look stupid. And ugly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    lol….. hacking a hack!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bonacic lost their phone number, hard to believe! LOL He wasn’t a friend of Ulster County when he was here, you think he cares now? Go to Arizona John, they deserve you after you screwed up NY.

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