The two-faced “pride” of Rochester

Dump Terry Bernardo

Terry Bernardo has no business being a legislator, but – thanks to her husband’s scheming mind – she was elected twice.

    “We will give the public excellent service… We will do this without arrogance… with bi-partisanship… and with an intelligent purpose…”

The empty words in her 2012 speech are matched only by her claim in 2013:

    “We made promises and we kept them.”

Let’s not discuss here how she got to be the Legislator from Rochester and the Chairwoman of the Ulster County Legislature. Let’s look at her abysmal record. In her defense, she is incapable of grasping the concept of public service.

Her votes cast during legislative sessions must reflect the will of her constituency – the people of Rochester who, fooled or fools, sent her to Kingston. She has opportunities to vote as a “chairwoman” in committee meetings – but even then her vote should be informed by the interests of the people back home. I know, I know, wishful thinking…

In January 2012 the Legislature passed Resolution No. 16 – “Adopting The Provisions Of The Hurricane Irene And Tropical Storm Lee Assessment Relief Act.” Speaking for the Town of Rochester, Supervisor Carl Chipman asked the Legislators not to pass the resolution before its financial impact was determined. Nevertheless, Terry Bernardo voted YES – against her town!

In December 2012 the lawmakers approved the 2013 county budget. The spending plan reduced the county’s property tax levy, implemented a flow-control law as a way to end the public subsidy of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency and launched the first phase of a county takeover of the Safety Net welfare program’s costs. Nevertheless, Terry Bernardo voted NO, against the interests of her town!

In her January 2013 address, Terry Bernardo stated:

    “I would like to see a concerted effort to focus on resort development… I would like to lobby the State for Video Lottery Terminals (or VLTs) for no more than three of those (Ulster County) resort areas, if they want them, and just to be clear, I support all of them…”

The businesses applying for a VLT license are Pinegrove Ranch & Family Resort and Hudson Valley Resort & Spa – the largest employers in town. The Video Lottery Terminals issue will be discussed at the Economic Development, Tourism, Planning and Transportation Committee meeting (April 3) and, presumably, at the Ulster County Monthly Legislative Session (April 16).

As the voting draws near, rumors run wild: Terry Bernardo is talking about abstaining… Her pals from Saugerties – legislators Aiello & Wawro – are lobbying the Democrats for a NO vote… If the past is any indication, Terry is going to vote NO, against her town!

Is this payback for David O’Halloran (Pinegrove) for taking a hard line with businesses identified by the Industrial Development Agency as not meeting job projections? Because Terry’s stance changed drastically from “We have the Industrial Development Agency led by its outstanding Director David O’Halloran” to “IDA Chairman David O’Halloran is in cahoots with Mike Hein to shake down Skate Time 209.”

To quote from MadGardiner’s comment in Freeman:

    “A political pox and an embarrassment to the county, Terry Bernardo jumps to ‘vendetta’ because it’s something she recognizes. It’s her modus operandi – just ask the bloody corpses in her wake… O’Halloran has given her political advice for years; he even threw her a big birthday bash last year. He’s been distancing himself because he knows the matter requires his due diligence as chair of the IDA… and is smart enough not to want to get dragged through Bernardo’s muck.”

The Hudson Valley Resort and Spa is in dire financial straits. They owe over $22M while are worth only $4.5M. If they disappear so does a large piece of our tax base. The VLTs are necessary to bring in off-season and mid-week business, namely the senior groups which used to be the mainstay of the local resorts until competition from Atlantic City, Poconos, and other casinos took business away.

What’s the point of having a legislator from Rochester if she refuses to rally the vote for the good of her town? Maybe, if Pinegrove Ranch and Hudson Valley Resort would move to Orange County, then they would get full support from Terry Bernardo.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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6 Responses to The two-faced “pride” of Rochester

  1. Anonymous says:

    The power lines of self-interest are so clear now. Forget about the people… Just help ME to help you, you catch ME I catch you! Good connecting of the dots, Jon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    To say that Bernardo has only two faces it’s an understatement; unfortunately, she is much more complex than that!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s all about self interest, there is no concern for the district she is supposed to be representing. Maybe if she was actually voted in and truly elected she would be more considerate for those she is supposed to represent. When her seat is bought the only people she needs to be considerate of is those individuals involved in the buying and selling of political positions.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhh…… I feel so sorry for David. I guess he should have read the fine print on the final contract….. There was no guarantee of jobs and no guarantee that “one of their own” wouldn’t be politically, publicly or financially devoured for the length of the contract…. He is very familiar with the political wheeling and dealing…… He started distancing himself because he didn’t want a taste of his own medicine…… Political justice!

  5. Anonymous says:

    David O’Halloran is on the IDA board. He shouldn’t be lobbying the Legislature for VLT’s for his business that will have a positive monetary effect on his personal finances. He could make Millions. Conflict of Interest anyone?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a conflict because the Legislature is only being asked to send a support letter. And the IDA has nothing to do with this at all. Neither body has any say in the granting of these licenses. Personally I hope he does make millions, but it’s not likely. The State gets a large chunk of the proceeds on VLT’s. Besides the added occupancy would increase the revenue to the County in the bed tax it receives. Real tourism dollars (as opposed to those imaginary ones that a certain other business claims).

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