Terry Bernardo, put on your thinking cap

Dump Terry Bernardo

The Rochester Town Board has adopted a resolution supporting efforts by the Pine Grove Ranch and Hudson Valley Resort to get state approval for video lottery terminals (VLT) at their properties. The Ulster County Legislature’s Economic Development Committee will take up a similar resolution at its April 3rd meeting.

Apparently, Terry Bernardo, the Chair of the Legislature, keeps forgetting who sent her to Kingston. She represents the Town of Rochester and should support the town. Her personal issues, vendettas, animosities and ambitions should not play a role in the way she spends her vote.

I know, Terry fell upon trying times; one more reason to put on her thinking cap and decide to support the right VLT. C’mon, it’s an easy choice:

    VLT = Video Lottery Terminal
    VLT = Vermont Land Trust
    VLT = Visible Light Transmittance
    VLT = Variable List Table
    VLT = Very Long-Term
    VLT = Very Large Telescope
    VLT = VLAN Trunk (3Com)
    VLT = Vita Lemon Tea (beverage)
    VLT = Vince Lombardi Trophy
    VLT = Visible Light Technology
    VLT = Vinalhaven Land Trust
    VLT = Varrio Loco Town (gang; Salt Lake City, UT)
    VLT = Very Little Text (newsgroups)
    VLT = Virtual Learning Tool
    VLT = Virtual Library Tape

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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