Whose use of “disgusting” is really disgusting?

Dump Terry Bernardo

Freeman: Republican Ulster County legislators blast Democratic resolution aimed at Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo. The measure calls for the IDA to cancel the PILOT agreement of any company owned by an Ulster County legislator upon failure to meet job creation numbers and/or file its annual report.

Without naming Terry Bernardo, the Resolution 218 mentions “an incumbent legislator” whose business “was one of those that did not deliver on its promised jobs.” While in their application for a PILOT agreement Bernardos promised to create 26 full-time jobs, the company reports – without proper documentation! – only nine full- and part-time positions.

The resolution was defeated Wednesday in a 3-2 party-line vote in the Legislature’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee. James F. Maloney (R) – the Committee Chairman – called the resolution “disgusting” and “politics at its worst.” Kenneth Wishnick (D) said: “It’s disgusting that the whole conversation is coming up because it reflects upon the entire Legislature.”

Then we have the readers’ comments:

    G Christopher
    Funny. As a tax payer in Ulster County I find it disgusting that a legislator who lives in a gorgeous large home and has a gorgeous large business and a gorgeous large job seeks funds and then balks and drags out the process while refusing to take any personal ownership or responsibility for her failure to live up to her legal and financial obligations and those of her husband AND is so arrogant that those of us paying high taxes should stand silently and hold that bag. I REFUSE to do that and this is just one more example of Rochester Republicans and Ulster County Republicans who view themselves as above the law. It is disgusting. It is shameful. It is criminal. What these “disgusted Republicans” should be doing is sitting down with their colleague and demanding that she pay what’s owed, voluntarily terminate the agreement, and make a public apology to the rest of us. The Bernardo’s smug attitude is what’s disgusting.

    The truth hurts no matter how it is delivered. Bernardo should be called out in the chamber she presides over, in front of the public and her peers. It is only fair. As for Legissessor Maloney’s opinion, the only thing that it’s “disgusting and politics at it’s worst” is the pillaging of the public trust at the public trough that the Bernardos have perpetrated over the past ten years.

Wow! Disgusting galore, but…

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to Whose use of “disgusting” is really disgusting?

  1. bubbaband says:

    Remember ken wishnick, thru his Surrogate, Susan Zimet, got the I line from LB.
    Dirty pool between Zimet’s BFF Terry B + Wishy-nick abides.
    Now all of new paltz + ulster county suffers from pathetic, self-serving, mis-guided + delusional Kenny-boi.
    Disgusting fo’ sho’

  2. Anonymous says:

    First a legislator should NOT be voting on the IDA appointments. Second if you have an IDA pilot you should not be a legislator. Third if you throw out 1 and 2 then third you violate your agreement you should pay back ALL the money you have saved, be removed from the legislature and realize you violated the publics trust and your responibilty. I hope the people of Rochester remember this come November. Is the Republican party that disfunctional to put her up again? Go back to NYS Bernardos, they deserve you, not the people of Ulster.

  3. Maddie says:

    Jim Maloney has no problem citing “disgusting” politics, yet his very “service” (self-service?) is what’s disgusting. John Parete challenged Maloney on his conflict of interest in a lawsuit several years ago. Maloney is the tax assessor for the Town of Ulster. The court found that the elected position of Ulster County Legislator and his appointed position of Town Assessor for the Town of Ulster “are incompatible and cannot be simultaneously held by one individual.” http://www.courts.state.ny.us/Reporter/3dseries/2005/2005_05948.htm
    Maloney appealed and the judgement was reversed because Parete didn’t live in the Town of Ulster. No wonder Maloney champions the Bernardo’s causes — he abuses taxpayers, too.

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