Bernardos’ wheel of fortune

Dump Terry Bernardo

After seeing that public service and Terry Bernardo have nothing in common, I tried to understand why she’d be involved in politics at all – the ten grand legislator salary being peanuts for her-n-hubby. Exactly one year ago tomorrow, everything made sense. Look above, read below… it’s so clear.

Dump Terry Bernardo
On April 12, 2012 the Rondout Valley Business Association and the Ellenville-Wawarsing Chamber of Commerce hosted a presentation from the Nevele Investors LLC’s principal, Michael Treanor.

From the article Nevele group lays out plans for RVBA during morning breakfast by Sherry Chachkin, published in Blue Stone Press on April 20, 2012:

    Treanor credited, among others, County Executive Mike Hein and County Deputy Director of Economic Development March Gallagher, who was in attendance, for their support. County Legislature chair Terry Bernardo (R-Accord), also in attendance, said: “As a resident and business owner and a representative of Wawarsing, I personally support the project.”

    Bernardo, noting that County Legislative Counsel Langdon Chapman had been named Counsel to the Senate Commission on Racing Gaming and Wagering, said “I hope to use my connections to help you effectuate your plan.”

Dump Terry Bernardo
Let’s take a look at the resolutions No. 154 and No. 157 passed on June 19, 2012 at the monthly Legislative meeting…

Resolution No. 154 June 19, 2012
In Support Of The Inclusion Of The Nevele Hotel Site In Any State Constitutional Amendment, Law, Regulation Or Policy Which Lists Or Proposes Sites Eligible For The Operation Of A Class III Gaming Casino.
Resolution No. 154 passed 22-0.

Mentioned in the resolution:

    WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Wawarsing has unanimously approved and supported locating a gaming casino at the Nevele site through passage of Resolution No. 11 of 2012.

Resolution No. 157 June 19, 2012
Requesting That The Ulster County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) File An Annual Report Card To Improve Transparency, Accountability And Ensure the Public Trust.
Resolution No. 157 passed 22-0.

Dump Terry Bernardo
From Terry Bernardo’s speech on January 2, 2013:

    And last, I would like to see a concerted effort to focus on resort development. The desire for casino gaming that some have is nice, but the reality is we cannot depend solely on helping one resort. I would like to see a concerted effort to promote some of our destination and non-destination resorts in the Towns of: Lloyd, Rochester, Wawarsing, Saugerties, and Shandaken and also to lobby the State for Video Lottery Terminals (or VLTs) for no more than three of those resort areas if they want them – and just to be clear, I said support all of them, but only VLTs for those that want them – no VLTs in Saugerties, I know.

Dump Terry Bernardo

April 10, 2013 is going to be remembered as the day when the $hit hit the fans of Terry Bernardo. Daily Freeman had no less than three articles on the topic.

From David O’Halloran resigns from Ulster County Industrial Development Agency, says Terry and Len Bernardo abuse power:

    O’Halloran, who heads the Republican Committee in the town of Rochester, where the Bernardos live, also said he is actively seeking candidates to run for the Legislature seat now held by Terry Bernardo.

    “We’re not convinced at this time that the right candidate for the district is Terry Bernardo,” he said.

From Ulster County GOP’s ex-vice chair, David O’Halloran, blasts fellow Republicans for not backing video lottery measure:

    “Dave has gone between shock that I would abstain to asking me to meet with him to discuss a strategy so we could support one another,” said Bernardo, R-Accord.

    She said when she declined to meet with him, “he said he’s going to ruin me, he’s going to destroy me, he’s going to run another candidate against me.”

    Legislature Majority Leader Kenneth Ronk said it would have been “irresponsible” of the Legislature to adopt the VLT resolution now because the state isn’t looking to approve the machines at locations other than racetracks.

From Ulster County Democratic lawmaker offers to tone down tax break resolution; GOP leader remains critical:

    Although it doesn’t mention Bernardo, R-Accord, by name, the resolution refers to “an incumbent legislator” whose business “was one of those that did not deliver on its promised jobs.”

    In their application for a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes, or PILOT, agreement for their Accord roller rink, Skate Time 209, Bernardo and her husband, Len, said they would create 22 full-time jobs, but the company created only nine full- and part-time positions.

I let you process the contradictions, dirty deals and arrogance exposed above – but not before pointing out that Len and Terry Bernardo promised 26 jobs, not 22. Current count: 4.5 – including theirs!

Any thoughts?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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7 Responses to Bernardos’ wheel of fortune

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh $hit!!! Great job connecting the droppings!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I hope to use my connections…” Great choice of words coming from Mrs. B. I’m thinking that she used the word “hope” and not “will” in the event that someone at the Nevele did something that she didn’t approve of or interfered were her using others…. Like ummm….. Maybe…. Ummmm…. Chaired an organization that ummmm….. I don’t know….. Ummmmm….. Maybe…. Like….. Ummmm…. Cancelled some kind of…… Ahhhhhh…… Ummmmm….. Oh, I know….. Tax break and she needed to “use” her political powers instead squash them like ants…. interfering with their ability to improve their business in a struggling economy where everyone is hanging on by a thread to stay afloat…. And to prove that she is the all powerful. She sure knows how to use people…. “Her connections”, the tax payers, voters, and anyone else that she feels can further her agenda.

    She should run on the “screw the tax payers and hooray for me” line!

  3. Anonymous says:

    O’Halloran is just simple out for himself. Bernardos are simple out for their egos. The root of the problem come from Bonacic – he started this fiasco, then left town. The state should be taking a close look at him, look at his financial – all gaming money! Chapman, LOL, I thought might disappear when Twinkies stopped production, but with all the money he is the henchman for King John. Cuomo wants to do something? Start right here in Ulster County.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ulster County has the most self serving CROOKS in the State of New York. Agree with 9:10 a.m. Start with Rochester—Clean it up. It’s been happening for years in Rochester and no one knew cause the Legislator with the big hat and grin kept it all for himself. After he died, JB saw the gold mine, sent Barbie to the wolves and brought in Dumb and Dumber—-both with barely a high school education to do his dirty work. Success for JB. Dumb came with a wife and Dumber came with a ranch.

  5. Anonymous says:

    All roads lead to JB.
    Maybe it really is a conspiracy beyond just a theory.
    What does anybody really know about LB and TB who rode into town and suddenly cast themselves into the local political picture. Except local wasn’t enough..county had to be it.
    Then made nice with quite a few locals on both sides of the aisle. Get involved with a local group trying to fight a mine, build a roller rink, and then suddenly become a candidate for this new form of government in the county…..only when you lose you have to find a job for the other half while you make nice with more of the locals by joining with the real people the firefighters…..
    It all begins to make sense

    Calling the State Attorney General………

  6. Anonymous says:

    the State Attorney General has been notified and looked the other way. I guess good old Bonacic took care of that dirty deed oh i’m sorry he sent Langdon.

  7. Anonymous says:

    And DOH lost to a GIRL……………..

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