David O’Halloran… isn’t he a gentleman?

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo

A few weeks after Manuela Michailescu announced her 2009 candidacy for Ulster County Legislature, she received a phone call from David O’Halloran: “Give up, or your financial situation will be made public.” He forgot to mention that – betraying my confidence – he was the one who told Bernardo that we filed for bankruptcy. Isn’t Dave a gentleman?

There is no doubt about Terry and Len Bernardo being behind the 2009 smear campaign against Manuela. See what Robin Vaccai – the former Chair of Ulster GOP – wrote:

    …Terry and Len distributed the personal bankruptcy filing of Manuela and her husband, Jon. I personally witnessed Terry Bernardo delivering a copy of the bankruptcy documents flagged throughout with post-it notes to former GOP Chairman Mario Catalano… Not only did they distribute it, the Bernardo crew actually uploaded the bankruptcy documents to the internet – complete with Manuela and Jon’s Social Security numbers!

By posting on his blog what was fed to him, Jeremy Blaber facilitated a disgusting frenzy of hate, stupidity, lies and ignorance, all displayed in these 147 anonymous comments. Here is a sample of Len Bernardo’s writing skills:

    Beware of these two Romanian Gypsies, they attack and destroy everything in their path… If someone looks at this site these two freaks have made many enemies. Hopefully they will move out of town and take their nasty unhappiness with them… Anyone associated with this criminal enterprise ought to be ashamed of themselves.

When some TripAdvisor unflattering reviews of Pinegrove – O’Halloran’s business – appeared on the same blog and disappeared shortly after, I asked David how he did it. I called Blaber, he said. Could you please give me his phone number, I asked. Let’s see… Here is Jon, who spent a few thousands hours working on the Republican Club website, and Manuela, a Republican Councilwoman. And here is Blaber of Working Families paid by Bernardo of Independence Party. The choice was easy: No, O’Halloran said, I can’t give you Blaber’s number without his permission. Isn’t Dave a gentleman?

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo

David O’Halloran and twenty people from Rochester attended the 2009 Ulster County Republican Committee Annual Dinner. While all were seated in the main room, Councilwoman Manuela Michailescu – the only Rochester Republican elected official attending the event – was seated at table 37, in the “Siberia” room. Page 7 of the Tickets Table Assignment booklet (below) strongly suggests that Terry Bernardo was in charge of seating Manuela. O’Halloran was either a co-conspirator or he wasn’t bothered in the least by the intentional slight, disrespect, discrimination. Isn’t Dave a gentleman?

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo

So far only Jeremy Blaber apologized to Manuela and me.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to David O’Halloran… isn’t he a gentleman?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hold your breath Jon, apologies are few and far between with O’Halloran. To apologize would admit mistakes or wrong doing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jon, why not take lessons from Shayne Gallo.. Seems like old Times TR, I mean Shayne. He is exhibiting behaviors of a drug addict, like Zweben said about Blaber

  3. Anonymous says:

    None of this is surprising.

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