Bernardo-O’Halloran mixed double racket

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo

From the May 30, 2013 Freeman article Ulster County Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo vows to fight for GOP line on November ballot:

    On Thursday, Bernardo vowed to win the party line in a September primary and accused Rochester Republican Chairman David O’Halloran of denying her the party line in retribution for her unwillingness to support his effort to get county support for a plan to bring video lottery terminals to his Pinegrove Ranch and Family Resort in Kerhonkson.

If Terry Bernardo sounds pissed off that she was denied her entitlement, don’t rush to judge. For her the Republican nomination was a given. In 2009 hubby Len struck the infamous Bernardo-Catalano-Schreiber-Gaddy dirty deal and Terry was appointed legislator. In 2011 David O’Halloran – the Bosshole of Rochester – broke most of the Republican Party by-laws and had her skating through the nomination process. Why should 2013 be different?

    “David O’Halloran asked me to support video lottery terminals for his business — something that could ultimately enrich him personally in exchange for him supporting me. I don’t do business that way,” Bernardo said in an email. “David promised to take me out because I wouldn’t do his bidding.

My comment could not be better than this:

    You don’t do business that way but you have your husband to do it on your behalf. Mrs. Len Bernardo’s tenure has been one of discord, cronyism, dysfunction, retribution, self promotion, opportunism and flat out failure… The voters will speak and you will be back to practicing your circus act where it belongs and not in the Legislative chambers.

For years, Terry Bernardo and David O’Halloran were on the same “Screw the People” team. What went wrong?

    Just before stepping down from the Industrial Development Agency board, O’Halloran resigned as vice chairman of the county Republican Committee when, he said, it became clear to him that the Bernardos were using their political influence to block his effort to get state approval for video lottery terminals at his resort as payback for action taken by the Industrial Development Agency against Skate Time 209, the Bernardos’ roller skating rink in Accord.

    The Industrial Development Agency terminated its payment-in-lieu-of-taxes, or PILOT, deal with Skate Time 209 because, the agency said, the business failed to produce the jobs it promised in its application for the tax breaks. The Bernardos said they never promised to create a specific number of jobs and that the figures included in the application were simply estimates.

As Senator Bonacic’s darling, Bernardo was supposed to deliver the VLTs to O’Halloran’s Pinegrove. After all Bonacic is the chairman of the Senate’s Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee.

As the chairman of the Industrial Development Agency board, O’Halloran was supposed to keep under wraps the Bernardo’s Skate Time 209 racket: unearned tax breaks. A State audit forced O’Halloran to abandon his part of the deal, but he still expected Bernardo to keep hers.

“I work for the people, not for him,” Bernardo added. “I will take my case to the people, and I believe I will be successful.”

Again, a comment says it all:

Yes, let the people decide. Let them decide if you have used the office for your personal advancement, hiring only your cronies, all while your husband plays his games directing from behind the scenes and you get tax breaks for deals you didn’t fulfill. Oh yes, and while you sue the County, by all means, let the people decide if we want birthday parties with free beer or a Legislator who wants to really work for the people. Please, take your case to the people.

As for O’Halloran, didn’t he mention a coming resignation?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to Bernardo-O’Halloran mixed double racket

  1. Anonymous says:

    O’Halloran has resigned from more positions than a porn star has changed positions. And just like a porn star he often finds himself back into the same positions again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    O’Halloran can’t resign now, he has to get Dawson elected/appointed.

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