Steven Lance Fornal – always in the top 100%

It sucks to be Steven Lance Fornal
Steven Lance Fornal (left) and Jon Dogar-Marinesco – both pictures taken in 1973.


“It sucks to write a book only to see it ranked at #9,023,651.” Yes, I wrote that in a post dedicated to Steven Lance Fornal, and I’ve shown where the number came from:

It sucks to be Steven Lance Fornal

Steven answered with a ‘splaining comment:

    Steven Lance Fornal says:
    June 9, 2013 at 7:52 AM

    BTW, Jon… With 45.5 million book titles for sale by Amazon, my books’ rankings puts them in the top 25 and 20 percent respectively of books sold…

Top 25%… Wow! I am really impressed Steven, please accept my apology. Now I understand what’s wrong with me and my family: we never calculate the percentages. Would you be so kind to help us? Thank you!

Let’s start with this book – Comicologia – printed in 1975:

Jon Dogar-Marinesco

Allow me to direct your attention to the highlighted sentence on page 459. I don’t trust your Romanian, so here is the translation:

    The period following the World War I favors the black humor, first through the Americans (Chas Addams, J. Thurber), then through the Europeans (Topor, Ion Dogar Marinescu).

Please, Steven, help me with the percentages, I would like to know where I stand. Or would you rather help Manuela?

Manuela Michailescu

It should be a piece of cake to calculate Manuela’s percentile – after all there were only 628 entries from United States and Canada. Please Steven, help!

Wanna stick to books? How about this one?

It sucks to be Steven Lance Fornal

“Even before the Contemporary Cover Contest 2009, people were talking about the cover that finished in first place, Vision in White by Nora Roberts, Berkley – Penguin, Artist/Photo by Claudio Marinesco.”

I have no idea how many books were published in 2009, but I trust you Steven to calculate my son’s percentage before you click here to see his portfolio.

OMG Steven! Look at the top of the page, then look below… While I wrote this post you went down another half a million places on Amazon’s best seller ranking:

It sucks to be Steven Lance Fornal

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to Steven Lance Fornal – always in the top 100%

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fornal is such an ass, I don’t know why you waste your time. He will never live on the same planet as the rest of us. He is still repeating propaganda lies that he has heard and has no knowledge of the facts nor will he believe the facts when they are stuck in his face. He chooses to live in his fantasy world. I pity him as I’m sure GOD does.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LMAO I believe he does it for our entertainment. Thanks Jon.

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