After GOP Caucus: Chipman in, O’Halloran out

Dump Terry Bernardo – Dump David O'Halloran
Supervisor Carl Chipman speaking before the vote. He was nominated by Manuela Michailescu (far left) and seconded by Tavi Cilenti.

Rochester Republican Caucus is behind us. Here are all the candidates seeking endorsement, the winners highlighted:

    Carl Chipman / Tim Bunch – Town Supervisor
    Kathleen SergioTown Clerk
    Wayne KelderHighway Superintendent
    Vinny NigroTown Justice
    Philip H. Davis II / Harold Lipton / Cindy Fornino – Town Councilmen

Carl Chipman secured the endorsement of three legitimate parties: Republican, Conservative, and Democratic. I’m curious if Len Bernardo, the Chairman of the Mickey Mouse Independence Party will roll with the punches, or will dig his heels in and give the “I” line to Tim Bunch just to make some obscure point known only to him.

Chaperoned by Lisa Mance, Terry Bernardo, the Chairwoman of the Ulster County Legislature, attended the caucus but – surprise, surprise! – did not take her seat at the Committee’s table. Hmmmm….

Dump Terry Bernardo – Dump David O'Halloran

Seconds before the meeting was adjourned, David O’Halloran announced his long awaited, and much anticipated resignation from the Republican Committee, effective immediately.

The rumor that he resigned because of the uphill struggle with pronouncing Manuela’s last name appears to be unfounded. But, just in case he returns to the Committee, here is the easy way out:

Michailescu is pronounced Me-Hi-Less-Koo.

In a comment to my previous post O’Halloran claimed to be “out of Rochester Politics.” Why was he placed on the Committee to Fill Vacancies a minute before he resigned? Out of politics, but not in a fanatic way?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to After GOP Caucus: Chipman in, O’Halloran out

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time he hits the road ! Congrats to Carl

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just because he isn’t on the Committee anymore doesn’t mean he still isn’t involved. He’ll be working behind the scenes, in the shadows, out of the spot light…

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