Terry Bernardo – the Queen of Sloppy

Dump Terry Bernardo Dump Len Bernardo Dump David O'Halloran

During the last four years I pointed out a number of times that Legislator Terry Bernardo embarrasses us all: her speeches are sloppy, her writing is sloppy, her website is sloppy, her newsletter is sloppy, her complying with the laws is sloppy.

Let’s look together at her website:

Dump Terry Bernardo Dump Len Bernardo Dump David O'Halloran

I used colors to underscore Terry Bernardo’s making the most of her skimpy vocabulary – she repeats the words ad nauseam.

committed (red) – 4 times
representation (green) – 4 times
during my term as Legislator (orange) – 2 times
feel a part (grey) – 2 times + bonus

I also like “making an positive impact” (circled in yellow) and I love the jump from District Twenty One to District One (underlined in blue).

What I don’t like is the fact that two years after re-districting, Legislator Terry Bernardo appears in all New York State Board of Elections’ financial disclosures as being a Legislator from District 1 (Saugerties):

Dump Terry Bernardo Dump Len Bernardo Dump David O'Halloran

Wake up Rochester! Don’t be fooled again by Bernardo’s bullshit…
Your representation is NOT in reliable hands!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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6 Responses to Terry Bernardo – the Queen of Sloppy

  1. Anonymous says:

    “We won’t get fooled again”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Terry Bernardo is not committed, but she should be – to a psychiatric hospital.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does this blog post signal an end to the short love affair between Rochester Smokeout and the Rochester power couple? It is true, that the Legislator’s Chairwoman 6 month, head in the sand plan, has given your blog little to work with politically. However, that never stopped this blog before. After all, has our Chairwoman accomplished anything for Rochester since elected? If she wins, the Bernardo’s will control the Legislature, the Independence Party and now, the Ulster County Republican Party. Reading and watching the video of Republican Party Chairman doing Len’s dirty work last week in Wawarsing, truly demonstrated the magnitude of his influence over Republican Party politics in UC. The little guy is running the show! Oh my!

    • Anonymous says:

      He thinks he run’s the show…he can’t even run a commisioner’s meeting…go to a meeting ..they are open to the public….accord resident’s wake up!!…

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