Terry Bernardo, the bane of Rochester

Blue Stone Press – October 18, 2013

Terry Bernardo – unfortunately the current Chair of the Ulster County Legislature – hopes to win a third term in office. Judging by what she told Blue Stone Press reporter Kellie McGuire for the article Bernardo, Archer square off in District 21, Terry believes that her voting neighbors are a bunch of gullible idiots. See for yourself:

    “This election is about which candidate is in the best position to advocate for the Nevele project; for more funding from the State and NYC to take on flooding, and to ensure we have bi-partisan leadership running Ulster County government – not just Kingston-based politicians.

    As chairman of the county legislature, I am in a position to regularly work with our state’s top policymakers – from Governor Cuomo down, to advocate for the Nevele casino project. That project can create over 1,000 jobs in our area and allow for tens of millions of dollars a year in private sector investment in Rochester and Wawarsing, as well as increase real estate values due to those new jobs.”

Huh? Isn’t Authorizing Casino Gaming the Proposal Number One on the ballot? If approved, the proposal would amend the NYS Constitution to authorize casino gambling within the state.

Proponents of the amendment argue that casino gambling has significant potential to be a major economic engine for New York State.

Opponents of the amendment argue that expanding casino gambling in New York State could potentially increase gambling addiction, exploit those suffering from gambling addiction and their families, and have harmful effects on the communities in which the casinos are located. They say that even without including non-economic costs, the hidden costs of adding a casino to a region are two to three times more than the touted benefits. Some opponents also argue that increased crime is associated with the addition of a casino to a community.

Who on earth gave Terry Bernardo permission to advocate for the Nevele Casino project in the name of the people, before the people had a chance to vote?

I hope you caught this wishful, lying statement: “As chairman of the county legislature, I am in a position to regularly work with our state’s top policymakers – from Governor Cuomo down, to advocate for the Nevele casino project.”

Terry Bernardo is selling something she does not have: the chairmanship of the Legislature coming January 2014.

Dump Terry Bernardo

Working regularly with the Governor? Go to my previous post and hear her yelling “Cuomo’s got to go!”

    “I have also successfully advocated for millions of dollars from the State and New York City for flood buyouts to end the decades long misery of the victims of the leaking New York City Aqueducts. Those are key, meaningful issues that as chairman of the legislature I play a role in helping to advance on behalf of our area.”

Unadulterated bullshit! Talk to the people in Wawarsing. Her contribution consists in a videotape of herself annoying a homeowner in his flooded basement, posted on YouTube next to clips of her dogs.

She doesn’t grasp that voters elect a Legislator, not the Chairman of the Legislature. That’s why she failed miserably as the Rochester legislator; she never cared about the people of Rochester, she never offered town representation; she just looked out for herself, seeking more and more power.

    “My opponent is a nice person but she would be a "back-bench" Legislator without opportunity to work with the region’s and state’s top policy makers for the jobs related changes our community needs. I am asking for an opportunity to help bring the Nevele project to a successful conclusion over the next two years to grow the jobs that our area desperately needs, and use my bi-partisan relationship with the state and region’s top policy makers to maintain what we like about living in Rochester and Wawarsing while permanently changing for better our area’s economy,” Bernardo said.”

Her statements are the essence of why her political aspirations should end immediately. You need a hefty disregard for truth to talk about ‘bi-partisan leadership’ after always looking for war with the County Executive and voting ‘NO’ on his initiatives, including the 2013 negative budget.

Terry Bernardo is a fraud perpetrated by her husband on the people of Rochester. All her eggs are in the gaming basket. Imagine how many fake eyelashes she could buy with the proceeds!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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7 Responses to Terry Bernardo, the bane of Rochester

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t we hear almost exactly the same words two years ago? Promising the same 1,000 jobs created by the Nevele casino project – which, by the way, has nothing to do with 90% of legislative district 21. She should have supported Walmart back then, not Nevele. But she’s obsessed with dealings and connections at the highest level, with her non-existing influence on “top policy makers.” For those who don’t remember, the out-of-county Legislative Counsel she hired is also making a hundred thousand dollars working for State Sen. John Bonacic, Terry’s supporter and Chair of the Senate’s Gaming Committee.

    On top of everything else, Bernardo speaks as if she is running only in Wawarsing! Move over there Terry, leave Rochester alone!

  2. Anonymous says:

    She keeps repeating “as chairwoman I did this, as chairwoman I did that…”
    The people who elected her expected representation for our district.
    What did she do “as the Rochester legislator?” Zero! Zilch! Nada!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are those 1000 jobs she is promising like the ones that Skate time was supposed to create ?
    What a joke !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ask any member of the County Legislature to name one thing she accomplished as Chair. There is absolutely nothing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    According to Republican Chairman Rascoe, Bernardo if re-elected, will NOT be Chairman of Legislature. If Republicans hold on to the majority, big if, Legislator Ronk will be the next Chairman. Could it be that Bernardo withheld this well known fact from the Blue Stone Press?

  6. Anonymous says:

    any Republican voting for Bernardo in Rochester is a Republican ignorant of the facts. Bernardo has not one achievement in the County Legislature. She voted against the budget which had a three yr phase in for the take over of safety net. she never advocated for help in her district.

  7. Hahahahahaha – here’s the the part I really love – “and use my bi-partisan relationship with the state and region’s top policy makers”!

    Bi-partisan relationship?? What the hell is that woman smoking? She has no bipartisan relationship with anyone. She is the most partisan elected official and has been so since the beginning. She’s about press releases and publicity stunts.

    She has failed to recognize since DAY ONE that the job of Chair is as leader of the legislative body, not to promote hers or any party’s agenda and not to work vehemently against the County Executive especially when his ideas are far better than yours. Oh hold on a minute – she hasn’t had any ideas. Right. I take that back. Let’s not forget her hatred of Hein is personal. After all Hein cleaned her husband’s clock in the first race for County Executive. Bernardo was unqualified and inexperienced and he/they shouldn’t have attempted it. But they got bad advice. I called it after the first phone conversation I ever had with Len Bernardo. I told Mario Catalano immediately after my conversation with Bernardo – he won’t win. Go ahead and ask Catalano.

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