Signs of desperation? Or just a bunch of gobbledygook?

Dump Terry Bernardo

A Meet the Candidates debate organized by the Friends of Historic Kerhonkson took place on October 28. The local newspapers reported on the questions asked and the answers provided, even mentioned how a Town Board candidate declared himself confused, but didn’t stress enough the fact that the incumbent Supervisor Carl Chipman – who is also President of the Association of Town Supervisors and Village Mayors – dominated the debate with his knowledge of the issues.

Dump Terry Bernardo

The day after the debate a bunch of plywood popped up on Route 209 and somehow explained Tim Bunch‘s weak performance the night before: the guy spent all his energy hand painting unusually wordy electoral signs.

After losing the nomination at both the Conservative and Republican Caucuses, and making people wonder if he is still on the ballot, the candidate Bunch shows – in his diatribes against Carl Chipman – strong determination to maul the truth.

Dump Terry Bernardo

But why attack Lynn Archer – a candidate for Legislator – when you’re running for Town Supervisor? I will tell you why…

The ballot (below) shows Tim Bunch only once, on the Independence line offered by Len Bernardo for a price: bring as many votes as possible for Terry and attack her challenger, Councilwoman Lynn Archer.

Dump Terry Bernardo

That’s why Tim worked hard at painting signs, spreading rumors, distorting the truth and exploiting non-existing issues to Terry Bernardo’s advantage.

According to Len Bernardo‘s moral compass, smearing the challenger of his wife is all “clean politics” – while he cries “dirty politics” on Facebook, presumably because poor Terry was “attacked” with the truth…

Dump Terry Bernardo

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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4 Responses to Signs of desperation? Or just a bunch of gobbledygook?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Bernardo’s are not be knocking on any Republican doors, they are all bullies! After yesterday’s mailer to town residents highlighting Terry’s last 4 years, she must have her freak plastic smile welded in place. Two auto shops in Kerhonkson, one that fixes dents swears that terry is the best for Rochester! the other shop for engine repair and lawn mowers says she is a devil cult leader. Hard to figure out which shop is right, each passionately defends their view. Simple answer, let them both be right, vote Archer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to know that the Saugerties’ buffoon Bob Aiello is all for Terry. One must pay for Lenny’s In-Dependence line. STFU Bobby!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t realize aiello drank bernardo’s cool aid. anyone who supports bernardo has to go.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We need the addicts and alcoholics out Hope Lynn wins!

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