From a bunch of signs from Bunch (7)

Dump Terry Bernardo

This sign has most affected me personally out of all of the warped attacks made by Mr. Bunch. First, let me say that I appreciate his service to our country as well as I do respect all others who have served our great nation in the military. I wish that I had that opportunity but I didn’t. My dream when I was young was to go to West Point and to serve my country as an officer in the army. At the age of 12 that opportunity was taken away when a young man playing with a hunting knife stabbed me in the right eye causing blindess in that eye. I even attempted to pass the physical when I was 18 but failed the eye exam. Not having vision in my right eye – and having a limited field of vision due to an eye muscle disease I was born with in my left eye – has limited my vocational opportunities. My not serving in the military was not born out of choice but out of disability which I had absolutely no control over.

Nevertheless, I have overcome many obstacles in my life which have made me stronger, wiser, and more tolerant and understanding when it comes to dealing with difficult situations as well with others who have dissimilar points of view. I have protected our Town in many ways over the years from many different threats both from within and from the outside. I volunteered countless hours on the Rondout Valley School Board as a member and as its President towards protecting the education of our children, while also looking out for the taxpayers in our community.

I led our emergency team through Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storms Lee and Sandy. I was there with our brave firefighters during the Great Minnewaska Fire. I protected the pocketbooks of our taxpayers throughout my terms. I fought to protect our community from the health and safety hazards from Hydraulic Fracturing. I’ve run out of the house at 3am to help a citizen who ran out of fuel. I could go on and on but the my main point is the ability to protect our community as your Supervisor doesn’t come from experience on the battlefield. It comes from having the guts to stand up and do what is right, to protect your community regardless of fear of reprisal or special interests pressure.

Mr. Bunch can’t even get my previous occupation correct. I spent over 26 years in the automotive industry. The first ren years began in vehicle sales as a sales consultant. The other 16 years were in service management and overall general management of the entire dealership with multimillion dollar annual revenues and expenditures. I also was the assistant controller for a multi-corporate group. My experience in the industry has made me well prepared to be the Chief Executive Officer of our Town. Mr. Bunch should have done a little homework before he made this sign.

Carl Chipman
Supervisor, Town of Rochester

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