What should I convey to Dave?

Stop David O'Halloran

By the time I finished reading the above resignation letter I was taken back about 30 years, remembering Michael Steinberger, the owner of Latour – a tour operator to South America. Michael – one of my advertising agency’s clients – was always struggling to pay his vendors, and this was his modus operandi:

  • Cut a check for the amount due
  • Make a xerox of the check and file it
  • Shred the actual check
  • Send an empty envelope to the vendor
  • Upon vendor’s complaining, send the xerox of the check
    to prove that payment was made
  • Complain about the postal service
  • Rinse and repeat

Given my past experience with David O’Halloran and letters sent to the Board of Elections, the association is not far-fetched. Moreover, while David’s letter shows that Commissioner of Elections Tom Turco was copied, Tom Turco tells me that he didn’t see it. They can’t both be right…

Assuming that O’Halloran’s resignation was genuine and returned him to the Republican rank and file, I’m baffled by Shane Ricks‘ candid question voiced at the Republican Committee meetings: “What should I convey to Dave?”

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to What should I convey to Dave?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shane Ricks should convey to Dave “you are no longer a Committee member” What the hell is wrong with Shane? was he not present at the caucus or the vote to elect Leon Smith as the new chair?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It seems the Republicans are imploding! Is there any good ones left? Who Chairs Marbletown’s Republican Committee

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