Surprise yourself – take this ‘political compass’ test…

Jon Dogar-Marinesco

“The old one-dimensional categories of ‘right’ and ‘left’, established for the seating arrangement of the French National Assembly of 1789, are overly simplistic for today’s complex political landscape.”

Look at the graphs below…

Jon Dogar-Marinesco

“On the standard left-right scale, how do you distinguish leftists like Stalin and Gandhi?”

Jon Dogar-Marinesco

Try this short test to see where you stand in the political spectrum. At the end of the test, you’ll be given the compass, with your own special position on it.

Jon Dogar-Marinesco

If you feel like sharing the result, please post your coordinates…

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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1 Response to Surprise yourself – take this ‘political compass’ test…

  1. Carl Chipman says:

    Very interesting quiz. I came out: Economic Left/Right (-1.12)
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: (-3.38)
    II noticed I came out pretty close to where Ghandi is on the chart.

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