X-Ray of the Fire Department election result

Dump Len Bernardo

Let’s see… Charles Wyant beats John Dunning 70 to 44. Chris Rider beats Karl Baker 70 to 44. Not 71 to 43, 69 to 45, or any other possible split of the 114 votes expressed. Same result in both races – 70 to 44 – and I don’t believe in coincidences.

No idea if the numbers speak to you, but I am willing to share what the numbers are telling me…

There are two camps in the firefighters’ community, each with its own set of candidates for the two Fire Commissioner seats in play.

Everybody is strongly motivated, so no one switches to the other side. Everybody sticks with the program, votes for their camp’s candidates. The more numerous camp wins the election.

From what people are saying, the good men who lost the election have one thing in common: they both believe the Bernardos are God’s gift to the world.

Len Bernardo’s grip is getting weaker, and this blog saw it coming more than one year ago. Go take a look, you might enjoy it:

Rumor has it!

Hose the Fire Chief

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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