No more toys for Len Bernardo

Dump Carl Chipman

While monitoring Santa Claus as he completed his toy-delivery route, the volunteers at the North American Aerospace Defense Command were a bit confused when the tracked heat signature from Rudolph’s nose lingered in one spot on their radar screens. Explanation? At that location, instead of leaving toys, Santa was busy repossessing them from a non-behaving Len Bernardo…

Dump Carl Chipman

First to go was the mask behind which Len used to play king of Ulster County legislature…

Dump Carl Chipman

Next, while taking back Len’s firefighter paraphernalia, Santa was heard saying “You naughty boy, enough is enough! No more telling the firefighters to vote for your wife!”

Dump Carl Chipman

No wonder Santa confiscated Len Bernardo’s fake gun… According to the invitation to RECLAIMING THE NYS SENATE VICTORY PARTY – held at Garden Plaza Hotel in Kingston on December 18 – Lenny boy was not a guest of honor:

    “NYSRPA (New York State Rifle & Pistol Association) Party in Conjunction with FSCUC (Federated Sportsmens Clubs of Ulster County)

    Open Bar sponsored by Ulster County GOP to start then cash bar.

    Krause’s Chocolate Bullets presented by Conservative Parties of the Mid-Hudson Valley.

    Guests of Honor: NYS Senators Elect George Amedore & Sue Serino Along With Other Pro 2A / Pro Sportsmen / Pro Gun Owner Candidates & Officials, Conservative Party of NYS Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine, NYSRPA President and NRA Exec Committee/Board Member Tom King, And Other Prominent movers and shakers working to preserve the interests of Sportsmen, Gun Owners & 2A Advocates in the Hudson Valley & NYS State & Beyond…”

Dump Carl Chipman

County Executive Mike Hein changed his mind and agreed to allow tourist trains to continue running from Kingston to Hurley. Suddenly, Lenny boy’s playing Thomas the Tank Engine against Hein ran out of fuel. One can only hope that – after retrieving the toy train – Santa left a pile of coal in Len Bernardo’s Christmas stocking.

Dump Carl Chipman

Now that the Facility Location Board has decided against awarding a casino license to the Nevele, Santa decided: No dice for Bernardo!

Dump Carl Chipman

At this point – impressed by Len’s crying – Santa let him keep the last toy, a stuffed clown named Carl, so Bernardo would have something to play with – if not until next Christmas, at least until next elections.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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