2015 State of the County Address

This past Thursday I had the pleasure to hear Ulster County Executive Mike Hein delivering the 2015 State of the County Address.

Here are the accomplishments and initiatives listed in a take-home leaflet:

    • Net Carbon Neutral County Government
    • 4 Megawatt Solar Energy Proposal
    • Electric Car Charging Stations
    • UCAT Bus Fleet Conversion to Biodiesel
    • 100% Renewable Electric Energy

    Social Responsibility
    • Anti-Domestic Violence Smartphone App
    • Enhanced Child and Senior Protections
    • Mobile Mental Health Team
    • Animal Abuse Registry
    • Veterans Monument of Honor
    • No SUNY Ulster Tuition Increase
    • Innovative Job Training Programs

    • $10 million Investment in Infrastructure
    • Geo-Stabilization Technology
    • Overhaul of County Bridge Planning Process
    • Enhanced Focus on Pedestrian Usage, Structural Repair and System Safety

    Fiscal Responsibility
    • 2015 County Property Tax Reduction
    • Proposed 2016 County Property Tax Reduction
    • Tax Stabilization Reserve Fund
    • “Ellenville Million” Initiative
    • Shovel Ready Proposal at Former County Jail
    • $28 Million in State CFA Economic Development Funding Over the Last Four Years

If anything above piques your interest, please share your thoughts…
Comment away!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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