Carl Chipman vs. Carl Chipman

Dump Carl Chipman

Dump Carl Chipman
Rochester Supervisor Carl Chipman is quoted in the article “UC towns band together to tackle tax dictate from Albany” by Melissa Orozco-McDonough (Blue Stone Press, March 20, 2015):

    These are the problems that we face, and they’re very real problems… we have cut and cut and cut, and there’s only so far you can cut until you start cutting services or you decrease the quality of the services that you bring to the people you’re elected to serve… We need help from the state…”

In other words, the future is bleak, and – without help from the state – cutting services is around the corner.

Thus spoke Carl Chipman the Supervisor…

Dump Carl Chipman
Not even one week later, in the article Who’s Running? published by Shawangunk Journal, Carl Chipman sings a different tune:

    In nearby Rochester, Carl Chipman also wants to see a few things through. When he first took office in 2008, “We had to fight the recession, hold everything together with duct tape. It’s nice to finally be able to move forward,” improving infrastructure and adding services.

Thus spoke Carl Chipman the Candidate…

Adding services? Totally contradicting himself? Wait, there is more:

    Chipman added that the flooding of Route 209 should soon be over as a new bridge and related road and stream improvements are being put into place, and he believes that town residents may soon see high-speed internet in their homes. He’s also been eying ways to bring water and sewer to Main Street in Accord, and make it again a commercial center.

    “It’s starting to all fit in,” he said.

I’m pretty sure Chipman meant flooding of U.S. Route 209. Town of Rochester is not responsible for it, so there’s no credit to be grabbed there.

Chipman “believes that town residents may soon see high-speed internet in their homes.” The previous Supervisor believed the same thing eight years ago! And what does “soon” mean? Months? Years? How many? Where is the report from the Communications Committee? Didn’t Chipman claim the same thing before each of the last three elections?

A commercial center in Accord? Besides the need to “bring water and sewer” to the Main Street, are there any clearly articulated specifics? How many stores? What kind of stores? Any expressed interest from future shop-keepers? Any names?

“It’s starting to all fit in,” Chipman said. I can see it too: BS before every election and nothing to show after eight years at the helm. It makes one think that eight is enough.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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9 Responses to Carl Chipman vs. Carl Chipman

  1. Anonymous says:

    While HE enjoys a FREE cell phone, cable and internet many of US are still without! While he adds to the town staff with family members and gives retiree’s children jobs, many of US are without. Just watch the politics in action now — setting up the kids for Daddy’s job.

  2. Steven L. Fornal says:

    I understand interjecting some contextual reality to these proceedings will not sit well with some here. However, I don’t believe it’s ever best to deceive people with erroneous information which is what has happened with this post (and quite a few preceding this one).

    The 20 March BSP quotes Carl Chipman amidst talking about the issue of unfunded mandates and how that puts great stress on the town budget. The bulk of taxes paid at the State, county and local level are due to fulfilling those unfunded mandates. Coupled with the 2 percent tax cap currently in force in NYS, towns are basically unable to put aside money for necessary infrastructure maintenance. Mr. Chipman heads a group of town supervisors and is spearheading an effort to make this problem understood by our elected officials at the county and state levels BEFORE it becomes a case of reducing services that we residents have come to expect.

    The quotes from 26 March derive from Carl talking about what various easing of code restrictions in hamlet areas (e.g. adaptive reuse’s easing of setback parameters) may do in terms of bringing about a revival. People familiar with zoning and planning understand that you never build code around specific businesses due to the illegality of such biased approach and to its inherent limitation. Rather, it’s hoped that by offering incentives or easing code restrictions or perhaps streamlining the process, a business-conducive atmosphere will entice suitable businesses of whatever stripe into the hamlet areas.

    Therefore, there is no contradiction whatsoever in Carl Chipman’s positions. Perhaps attending the meetings so you can hear for yourself rather than take a few quotes out of context to expand upon would be beneficial to you more fully understanding what is really going on. Not to mention how much that would aid your attempts to inform the public.

    As for the comments re Carl hiring family members, once again I request the anonymous finger-pointer(s) state the names of said people AND state the section of the law/code/ethics that is being violated. Do you know if the legal process was followed in hiring? If it wasn’t you have a legitimate beef. If it was, you’ve got nothing. Of course, you’d have to research the issue via FOIL requests and following up and, well that takes much, much more effort than simply spewing the local gossip.

    I think it’s pretty clear that Jon is not a fan of the supervisor. Perhaps telling your readers why that is would be of value, Jon. Certainly more so than these transparent rants with absolutely nothing of substance behind them. I mean, I haven’t read a single word about the discrimination case brought against the town by Manuela and how that turned out. You haven’t really gotten into your personal feeling regarding the snub that put Cindy Fornino on the board over Manuela. Oh, you criticized the process that led to the nod, but nothing about the personal feeling of betrayal which, admittedly to me, seems the basis of your anger now being directed at our supervisor.

    I’ve seen Mr. Chipman at work. I’ve attended meetings. He works very hard for the money. He works hard for EVERYONE in our town. He just may be the best supervisor this town has ever had. He deserves not only a pat on the back but another eight years in office at the very least!

    • Regarding Manuela’s discrimination complaint: did you hear the fat lady singing?

    • Anonymous says:

      Be interesting to know how Mr.Fornal and a few other residents were able to get high speed cable connection last year. Funny how it ends at the boodle hole bridge, mettacahonts rd side.

      • Steven Lance Fornal says:

        Seek and ye shall find. You want to know how I and five other families were able to get high speed cable? I’ll tell you. First, it wasn’t so funny that TWC brought cable in from Queen’s Hwy to the creek but wouldn’t cross it to service our half of the road. TWC also brought cable up to the old Snapple distribution place on Mettacahonts Road. Further up the road, the HV Seed Company paid to have cable extended up to them which is near the Firemen Camp. Several of us inquired of TWC if we were getting cable anytime soon. The answere was no. Seeing as we weren’t going to get it for years, if ever, neighbors got together and approached TWC requesting service. WE PAID to have it brought up to Boodle Hole road and down to the creek. IT COST THOUSANDS!

        Sorry to disappoint, but neither Mr. Chipman nor town government had anything whatsoever to do with it.

        And, you know what Anonymous? This option is available to you and everyone else in town.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has Stevie Wonder become a Republican or just drank the Supervisor’s cool aid?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Same old, same old. Same issues were listed in the FREEMAN article “Ulster County towns rise to occasion, seek funding under New York Rising program” published on November 21, 2013:

    “Rochester town Supervisor Carl Chipman was an early critic of the program, arguing that it took authority away from local officials, but has since softened his view.

    “It’s totally different than the way it came out in July … (when) I came out and raised a little hell, which caused them to shift some gears, and I think it did some good,” he said.

    Rochester’s list of potential projects includes completing the rail trail, designating additional emergency shelters and a rescue station, developing solar power for town buildings, training volunteers for emergencies, clearing the Rondout Creek, working with farmers to reduce use of chemicals that pollute waterways, and developing a water system for Accord.

    Chipman said $3 million won’t go far in handling the town’s most pressing storm-related needs, but said studies could help the town seek additional money.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rochester needs new leadership. elimination of crooked politicians and nepotism. Rochester needs lower taxes, less town equipment and to get rid of the town lawyer. Rochester needs a full town audit by the Feds — or at least by the County Comptroller. Elliott– hope you read this.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Whoever raised some H~ll in town — Hurrah for you. Keep on raising it cause there the dust needs to be lifted so the Feds can see. I hear, I saw and I will report.

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