Len Bernardo, it’s time to say good bye…

Dump Len Bernardo

It is unheard of a party chair to run for office, but that didn’t stop Len Bernardo to do it. Everybody knows how that ended: he was crushed by Mike Baden, the next Town of Rochester Supervisor, 1,365 votes to 900.

Looking at the election results, some numbers catch the eye:

Dump Len Bernardo

It’s reasonable to expect that Len Bernardo – the Ulster County Chairman of the Independence Party – would get hearty support from the members of his own party. Did not happen!

Among the seven candidates on the Independence ballot line, Len Bernardo gathered the smallest number of votes. In other words, the Chairman was rejected by his own party.

Len Bernardo, it’s time to say good bye…

Dump Len Bernardo

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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