Skate Time 209 to Skate Time 2021 – (1)

“We want to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Skate Time 209 soon to be Neighborhood 209” – they said.

“We are all about community and creating opportunities for families and friends to come together, connect, enjoy, feel alive and feel inspired” – they said.

“This is an amazing roller rink with one of the best skating floors around but it is much more than that as our team is working on creating events that include movie nights, live music, special presentations, activities, a children’s play space, adult nights, … just to name a few” – they said.

“Our menu is changing and we look forward to bringing you farm to table items including soups and specials made from locally grown food” – they said.

“We reside here in Accord and are excited to be a part of this community. Come by and say hello and share your ideas. We look forward to meeting you!

Steve and Marcina”

Fast forward… Stephen (Steve) Apkon and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal are brazenly trying to sell Skate Time 209 to… Town of Rochester taxpayers!

What the fuck happened?


(to be continued)

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