The rumor mill – (7)

Dump Carl Chipman
Dump Carl Chipman

Rumor has it… Supervisor Mike Baden tells people that the idea of the Town buying Skate Time 209 is Councilman Adam Paddock’s brain child. Custody battle not expected.

Dump Carl Chipman

Rumor has it… Councilman Adam Paddock was promised the well paying job of running the recreation facility at the Neighborhood 209 after the sale of Skate Time 209… Who promised, and why?

Dump Carl Chipman

Rumor has it… At Skate Time 209 the toilets do not flush well, always were a huge problem. Not to mention the stench, detected even in the $2,060,000 asking price…

Dump Carl Chipman

Rumor has it… When Councilman Adam Paddock was called out on a lie – at the Skate Time 209 first informational meeting – he told the audience: “I’m supposed to lie, I’m a politician.”

Dump Carl Chipman

Rumor has it… Amberly Jane Campbell, the Publisher of Shawangunk Journal, is moving furniture around in her office, trying to create enough empty floor space so Jane Bondage and the Mid-Hudson Valley Misfits can train until Town of Rochester is buying Skate Time 209…

Dump Carl Chipman

Rumor has it… During the Town Board special budget meeting where people protested Supervisor Mike Baden’s 23% salary increase, Councilman Adam Paddock blurted “if Mike were black or a woman we wouldn’t be having this discussion.” Look up the video!

Dump Carl Chipman

Rumor has it… Supervisor Mike Baden is telling people to vote NO in the Special Election: Purchase of Skate Time 209, on December 7, 2021…

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Skate Time deal, a matter of concern…

To the Editor: Everybody is talking about the potential purchase of Skate Time 209 by the Town of Rochester. In addition to financial (price and cost of repairs) and building suitability issues, I have questions regarding some disturbing points most people may not be aware of.

I’m wondering WHY…

…the sale contract signed by the Town indicates “Closing shall take place on or about December 1, 2021” when the referendum is on December 7, 2021? Negligence? Not paying attention to details? Rush? Why the rush?

…so many things are in favor of the seller in the contract: “SELLER’S RIGHTS FOLLOWING CLOSING. Following closing and delivery of the Deed, the Seller shall have the right to utilize the recreational space for six (6) free events per year, for non profit purposes… The use of the property is limited to two (2) events on Friday evenings, two (2) events on Saturday evenings and two (2) events at other mutually designated times.” Really? You buy a place and you allow the seller coming back into your place 6 times a year for 5 years? This sounds as if the price was reduced, not increased by $730,000 compared to the price the seller paid for Skate Time in 2019!

…the town’s Recreation Department and Commission (of which I am a member for many years) were not consulted regarding the feasibility of all the wonderful proposals made.  

…would the Town of Rochester accept to keep the name “Neighborhood 209,” as required in the contract: “NAME OF SUBJECT PREMISES. The Purchaser hereby agrees to name the Subject Premises some variant of the name “Neighborhood 209,” in addition to any Town of Rochester Town Hall name nomenclature.” How could the town supervisor sign a contract including something like this, in which we give up part of the “identity” of the Town by agreeing to add an unfortunate name (Neighborhood 209) the town didn’t pick and was actually never used?

I’m just wondering WHY the Town Board would let the seller impose so much on the municipality and WHY this happened BEFORE the referendum? 

Manuela Michailescu

(As published in Blue Stone Press, November 19, 2021, page 14)

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Skate Time 209, soon to be a documentary – (6)

Dear Stephen Apkon and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal,

Look around our town… Grab your opportunity to make another documentary!


(to be continued)

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The Skate Time 209 misfits – (5)

Stronger Together – the 2016 United States presidential campaign slogan of Hillary Clinton – is kept alive by Rusty Foxidation, Leggs, Sassy Ka~Boom, Sandstorm, Off-Track Betty, Mimic, Mirackle Whip, Madame Manatease, Jane Bondage (front row, center), Eleanor Bruisevelt, Jeez Louise, Squirrel Jam, Wreckuiem, Kell On Wheels, D.LyRIOuS “Dani” Maniac…

Despite the cool roller derby names, the Mid-Hudson Misfits was formed with a mission, said Jane Bondage (a/k/a Amberly Jane Campbell, Publisher of Shawangunk Journal): to offer “a sort of safe haven for all women of all different backgrounds and walks of life.”

“Our league is made up of a diverse group of women and non-binary people from several counties in the Mid-Hudson Valley region. We come from different backgrounds and different occupations, but we are united in our love of flat track roller derby. We are strong, athletic individuals. We are community focused. We are anything but cookie cutter and we are proud of it. We are the Mid-Hudson Misfits!”

Well, you may be the Mid-Hudson Misfits, but you are not taxpayers in the Town of Rochester.

Amberly Jane Campbell, Publisher of Shawangunk Journal, lives in New Paltz.

Laura Palermo is a resident of Kingston, but that does not curb her effort to influence a vote in the Town of Rochester, and here are her ridiculous reasons for writing the article:

Funny, the Editor of Shawangunk Journal, forgot to add this disclaimer to Laura’s article:

Moreover, as a group, the Mid-Hudson Misfits are polluting the social media with their cute, but idiotic appeals to the voters of Rochester. You be the judge:

Thanks for the entertainment!


(to be continued)

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Skate Time 209 is the wrong building for the Town – (4)

On Tuesday, October 12, Mike Baden and Skate Time’s owners held their first public information session on the proposed purchase of the property.

The majority of the attendees opposed the deal and made their reasons public:

– the cost mentioned ($2,060,000) covers only the purchase, and do not include ($5,000,000) retrofitting the space for offices…

– the timing is terrible, another COVID variant could sweep in and shut everything down again…

– you just bought it for $1,330,000, now want to sell it for $2,060,000, why the increase?

– we’re a small town, cannot afford this huge 30-year mortgage…
$2,060,000 Skate Time purchase + 5,000,000 Skate Time renovation + 5,000,000 existing buildings renovations = $12,060,000

— this skate rink was not built for full-time occupancy…

— it’s cheaper to build new than to repair…

— there is no potable water on the property…

The “pro” side was in minority, mostly members of the Mid-Hudson Misfits roller derby team and their junior wing, the Mid-Hudson Mischiefs (above, middle). They stressed how vital the rink was for their team, their community, and their general well-being. None of the “pro” speakers pay taxes in the Town of Rochester… It’s worth noting that Shawangunk Journal publisher Amberly Jane Campbell (above left) is a member of the Mid-Hudson Misfits roller derby team. That explains the newspaper’s strong “Vote yes!” stance! As for Marge Bonner (above right)… please, don’t get me started.

Unfortunately, most of the information offered is not accurate.
Compare the numbers above – offered at the public information session – with the actual numbers below:


PS – Using the image of the candlelight vigil during the presentation was extremely tacky!

(to be continued)

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$1,330,000 to $2,060,000 in no (Skate) Time flat – (3)

Stephen Apkon (Steve) and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal bought the Skate Time 209 for $1,330,000.

Now, two years later, they want to sell it to the people of Rochester for $2,060,000…
for a modest profit of $730,000. Not bad for two people swimming in not-for-profits.

Stephen Apkon (Steve) and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal claim that the asking price is justified by the improvements they made to the property.

Improvements? What improvements?

Well, let’s review a few Yelp comments…

“The business got sold and will never be the same… The new management is making a lot of changes for the worse… They shut down the skateboard park and are turning Skate Time into some kind of hippie resort. I read they’re even changing the name to Neighborhood 209… I don’t think they are from around here… Figures.”
Anthony W. – Kerhonkson, NY – 10/10/2019

“Alright roller rink considering it’s been open for a decade, but could definitely use an update + a carpet cleaning. The amount of dust in this, and the constant smell of sulfur + cheese is bit troubling considering the price of admission is pricey compared to similar establishments. Good choice if you live within 5 miles, but any further and I wouldn’t make the drive. Apparently, the sulfur smell is actually sewage from the trailer park up the road that runs off into the pond next to roller rink.”
Wren L. – College View, Denver, CO – 11/13/2019

“We used to love this place.  New owners need to step it up. The floor was so filthy, members of our party were hurt because they fell over debris. Also, the music was slow and boring the entire night. Hopefully they will get it together.”
B.G. – Kingston, NY – 9/6/2019

Guess who answered this last comment with unadulterated bullshit…

“Dear B.G.,
We care very much about our customers experience and clean our floors between every session.  We are excited to be presenting new events coming up in the near future! As you stated, we are new owners and we are working hard to create a great place for everyone. We welcome you to come in and speak to us in person about your experience. We are always open to ways of making our Family Entertainment place better and welcome your positive input.”
Marcina H. – Owner – 9/16/2019

Here are a few photos taken days ago:

Right! The “improvements” are worth $730,000… to anyone high on mushrooms!


(to be continued)

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Keep Skate Time 209 private!

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So, Skate Time 209 is up for sale again – (2)

The owners – Stephen (Steve) Apkon and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal – approached the Town of Rochester about purchasing the building.

Supervisor Baden signed a contract, but… the voters will need to approve the purchase on December 7, in a referendum scheduled only after the deal ran out of secrecy.

Some eyebrow-raising points in the contract:

After the deal became public, August 2nd was not good anymore, so let’s date it September 20th…

Excellent incentive for trying to sell the rink to the Town of Rochester…

Wow! Closing on December 1, referendum on December 7…


Why the rush?

This one takes the cake!

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


(to be continued)

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Skate Time 209 to Skate Time 2021 – (1)

“We want to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Skate Time 209 soon to be Neighborhood 209” – they said.

“We are all about community and creating opportunities for families and friends to come together, connect, enjoy, feel alive and feel inspired” – they said.

“This is an amazing roller rink with one of the best skating floors around but it is much more than that as our team is working on creating events that include movie nights, live music, special presentations, activities, a children’s play space, adult nights, … just to name a few” – they said.

“Our menu is changing and we look forward to bringing you farm to table items including soups and specials made from locally grown food” – they said.

“We reside here in Accord and are excited to be a part of this community. Come by and say hello and share your ideas. We look forward to meeting you!

Steve and Marcina”

Fast forward… Stephen (Steve) Apkon and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal are brazenly trying to sell Skate Time 209 to… Town of Rochester taxpayers!

What the fuck happened?


(to be continued)

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Town of Rochester GOP Slate – We report, you decide!

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