Len Bernardo, are you fucking kidding us? (5)

The Election 2017 special edition of BlueStone Press offered to Len Bernardo an opportunity to spread lies:

Never vote for Len Bernardo

Bernardo made this statement:
“Prior to moving to Accord, I started a printing company called Data Communiqué. I grew the company to over $60 million in sales. I sold the company to HAVAS, a French multinational advertising and public relations company…”

Now, let’s see what Bloomberg has to say about Data Communiqué:

Never vote for Len Bernardo

I highlighted a few key words above… Did you catch the miracle? The 62-year old Bernardo founded Data Communiqué 94 years ago. If you believe that, go ahead, vote for him…

One more Bernardo lie, then I let you go:

Never vote for Len Bernardo

This is bullshit. Len Bernardo charged the Youth Summer Program when the kids went there on rainy days, except the last time, on July 27, when he tried to buy some votes.

Vote wisely this coming Tuesday.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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Len Bernardo, are you fucking kidding us? (4)

Wanna make the town a three-ring circus?

Never vote for Len Bernardo

Here is the popular sentiment conveyed in the local newspapers:

“Town Supervisor candidate Len Bernardo promised 51 full time jobs over ten years in return for a PILOT program (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) which meant he avoided paying sales tax and property and school taxes for ten years while we taxpayers picked up his tab. He produced 15 mostly part time in the first year then reportedly 6 then only three for the duration, three, him, his wife, and another.

Mr. Bernardo was quoted as stating that he paid the construction cost of his business building (Skate Time 209) out of pocket which came to $1.2 million. Once the tax break ended ten years later, he put the place up for sale for $2.49 million which means if he gets his asking price he’ll get back all the money he invested for building the business plus a million dollars profit (not counting the profit he’s taken from the business for the years it has been operating). So, while he stands to make a million we taxpayers have paid his taxes for a decade.”

Never vote for Len Bernardo.

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Len Bernardo, are you fucking kidding us? (3)

Are you running as a Republican, a Conservative, or just as a crook?

Never vote for Len Bernardo

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Len Bernardo, are you fucking kidding us? (2)

Now you want to be a Town Supervisor?

Dump Terry Bernardo

Dump Terry Bernardo

Dump Terry Bernardo

Dump Terry Bernardo

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Len Bernardo, are you fucking kidding us? (1)

Never vote for Len Bernardo

Len Bernardo wants to be Town of Rochester’s Supervisor. Out of one hundred reasons not to vote for him, one stands out:

“Len & Terry are despicable people without convictions, ethics or any sense of integrity.”

While I agree with the description, the words are not mine. As you can see below, the words were sent to me.


From: David O’Halloran
Subject: thanks
Date: May 3, 2013 3:27:59 PM EDT
To: Jon Dogar-Marinesco


Thanks for talking, we may not agree on all, or sometimes most things, but I have great respect for your convictions. Sorry my vote for Dist 21 is not what you expect of me. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball and only time will tell if I’m making the right decision. Be assured, my vote will not go to Terry. No need to lose sleep over that- Len & Terry are despicable people without convictions, ethics or any sense of integrity. My shame, I allowed their reign to grow because personal pride: having previously invested vast political capital in Len, I was too concerned of my political status. So no problem with your negative Blog posts, they are well deserved…post away.

David O’Halloran


Before voting on November 7, think of the words in red.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

David’s email was first published on this blog on May 15, 2013.
Tragically, David – may he rest in peace – passed away on May 30, 2017.

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“Carl Chipman” and the watermelons…


A little funny story, as told by a witness…

One late evening in the summer of 1978, riding home after a ball game in Rosendale, Rodney – one of the boys – told his friends, Jimmy Abbott and Vinny Nigro:

“Today at the Firehouse, I asked Jack Schoonmaker if I could buy a few watermelons from him. Jack said just go to the field and take them.”

Jimmy and Vinny knew that Rodney was a rookie firefighter volunteer, so the story sounded believable. Jimmy drove to the Schoonmaker’s field in Accord, where he and Rodney started loading watermelons…

Kenny Ballard, the owner of the nearby auto shop, saw movement in the fields and called Jack Schoonmaker. Jack and his sons arrived on the double and – at the end of shotguns – held the watermelons thieves for the State Troopers.

The troopers loaded Rodney and Vinny in their car, and asked Jimmy to follow in his car on the way to the barracks…

Rodney Arnold and Jimmy Abbott – being adults – ended up with police records.
Vinny Nigro, only 15 years old, got away as a juvenile.

From left to right: Rodney Arnold, Jimmy Abbott, Lil’ Cousin, Vinny Nigro.

Why is this story worth telling? Simple! Rodney Arnold eventually changed his name to Carl Chipman and grew up to serve 10 years as Town of Rochester Supervisor.

As we all know, character is built by lying to friends and stealing watermelons…

On March 7, 2017 Carl Chipman announced on his Facebook page:

“Effective yesterday I have changed my political party affiliation from the Republican Party to the Working Families Party. I believe the 2-party system has failed us and both the Republican and Democrat Parties kowtow to special interests which line their coffers with cash.”

May we ask what the hell was he doing three months later voting at the Rochester Republican Caucus on June 14, 2017?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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The Bernardos are baaack!

Town of Rochester 2017 Republican Slate

June 2015
Let me refresh your memory with this quote from the article After first being shut out, Bernardo gets Ulster County GOP nod:

“After shutting out Terry Bernardo at the Ulster County GOP nominating convention two weeks ago, the Ulster County Republican Committee has changed its tune and endorsed her in a backdoor meeting last week to run for county executive.”

Fast forward to May 2017
As a result of the vote taken at the Ulster County GOP nominating convention – held on May 30, 2017 – the nominees for State Committee Members in the 103rd district were Kevin Costello and Gloria VanVliet (who trounced Terry Bernardo).

My wife, Manuela Michailescu, is a member of the Ulster County Republican Committee, and circulating petitions is one of her duties. I signed the petition listing Kevin Costello and Gloria VanVliet for State Committee.

A few days ago I have learned that the Costello/VanVliet petition was trashed, and a new petition listing Mario Catalano and Terry Bernardo will be circulated. Huh?

I couldn’t care less if you believe this or not, but Manuela is not sharing with me things she learns in the process of performing her duties; she served one full year on a Federal Grand Jury in Albany, and she knows how to keep mum.

Luckily, some people like this blog, and send me tips… I learned that Terry Bernardo’s getting substantially fewer votes than Gloria VanVliet at the GOP Convention triggered a turmoil within the Republican Party.

Exactly as in 2015, a back-room meeting of the key players found the pacifier: disregard the Convention, disrespect the rank and file Republicans who already signed the Costello/VanVliet petition, push down our throats the stale Catalano/Bernardo team, both rotten to the core.

In the absence of any transparency, this is what most probably happened… After embarrassing losses in 2013 (Ulster County Legislature race) and 2015 (Ulster County Executive race), the glue holding Terry Bernardo together was her State Committee Member title. After losing it at the Convention, she became unglued, and the emergency action plan kicked in.

If history is any indication, the plan was nothing but a blackmail scheme. Len Bernardo, the Chairman of Ulster County Independence Party, threatened to deny the Independence Party ballot line to the Republican candidates unless Roger Rascoe, the Ulster GOP Chairman, reinstates Terry Bernardo on the State Committee.

Say ain’t so, Roger.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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