Chair? No! Stool? Maybe.

Dump Terry Bernardo
Long before being formally “elected” the leader of the Ulster County Legislature, Terry Bernardo made it very clear around the County Building how she wants to be called: Madam Chair.

We, at Mocking Robin, felt uncomfortable using this appellative, so we put our heads together trying to come up with a better one, more fitting for Madam’s distinctive attributes: no ethics, no guts, no convictions and no empathy; arrogance, bad temper and vindictiveness; obsession with status and power – all seasoned with scheming, lying, pretense, fake innocence, narcissism, and never looking people in the eyes.

We, at Mocking Robin, humbly submit our choice and hope that it conforms to Terry Bernardo’s standards: Madam Stool.

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2 Responses to Chair? No! Stool? Maybe.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bernardo should like her new position: a stool is higher than a chair!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A stool might be higher but doesn’t have a back to support you… and she desperately needs that!

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