Terry Bernardo’s selective memory

Dump Terry Bernardo

On one of her anemic blogs – this one named Mocking Robin – Terry Bernardo writes:

    “(Robin Yess’) website is built on an unending series of posts attacking the Bernardos and her bestest buddies run a website and now a blog which has the most sickening, hateful posts about Terry and Len Bernardo. In a recent post her playmates…call Terry Bernardo and Jeremy Blaber weasels.”

And the problem is? Let me make this clear: Terry Bernardo and Jeremy Blaber are weasels. And if her memory is conveniently too short or too selective to remember the things she did, here is a refresher:

Back in 2009, petrified by the possibility that her husband’s dirty deals would be impeded by Rochester Councilwoman Manuela Michailescu’s running for one of the four District 1 legislative seats, Terry Bernardo started a smear campaign. Jeremy Blaber provided the blog, Terry Bernardo provided the lies, and the comments followed.

If you don’t have the curiosity or the stomach to go through all the garbage, here is a small sampler of the comments referring to my wife Manuela and myself:

    “… take your snake oil and get out of town. Just think.. these two were trying to get into County Politics.”

    “I hope these two dirt-bags are planning to leave Ulster County for good.”

    “PS: to this Manuela person, you should be ashamed of yourself, you should apologize to your entire town and move away, get a new name, start a new life.”

    “Beware of these two Romanian Gypsies, they attack and destroy everything in their path.”

    “If this woman and her frightening “husband” don’t leave town this information should be handed over to authorities.”

    “Hopefully they will move out of town and take their nasty unhappiness with them.”

    “I agree, I hope that they leave and take their nasty unhappiness with them too.”

    “There is something wrong with this woman. Perhaps she is mentally ill. I would be so embarrassed by all of this that I would have resigned just to to avoid being exposed in this public way.”

Everything you have just read was written by Terry and Len Bernardo and a few choice supporters. And everything was approved by Jeremy Blaber.

Before I forget: Terry Bernardo and Jeremy Blaber are weasels.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to Terry Bernardo’s selective memory

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like Robin said, Terry chose to run a smear campaign rather than say why she was the better candidate. She (Terry) still has not said why she is the better person for the position of County Legislator. Now she wants to cry foul. Why isn’t she making statements explaining her decisions?
    The day of “blind following” by party affiliates is gone. Politicians need to be responsible in their spending. The economy is real bad and will not get better until they do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Terry and Len Bernardo are wasting their time going to the Reformed Church in Kerhonkson. They will go to hell no matter what.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The ones that have damaged this town and even ruined lives thinking she is so damn righteous, is Terry Bernardo. sleep well at night do ya? why dont you get the hell out of our town! You stroll in from CT and you probally thought we were hicks. Hicks 1 bernardo 0 taken your druggies and drunks with you

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