Richard T. Cahill Jr., are you nuts? (Part 2)

Richard T. Cahill Jr.

What you see above is Richard T. Cahill Jr.’s last whine: “Once again, Jon Dogar Marinesco has decided to attack me on his blog.”

This is getting old fast. Cahill attacks me and my wife, then points the finger at me when confronted with his deeds. That makes it hard to move the conversation forward. I suggest, in the future, instead of crying “Jon attacked me!” perhaps Cahill could reply by numbers. Pick a number, any number, and reply to the point.

Rich Cahill accused me of quoting him out of context. “A new blog has taken an old quote from my blog out of context and used it as part of an attack against another blogger.” Given enough rope, he finally agreed with me, kind of. “I do not deny writing that quote. It had to do with a bogus allegation being made against Nina Postupack… It is a different context, though not necessarily an improper use of the quote.

Rich Cahill insulted my wife by implying that “a bogus allegation being made against Nina Postupack” it’s “a different context” from a bogus allegation being made against Manuela Michailescu.

Rich Cahill insulted me and my wife on his blog via personally approved anonymous comments. Once you filter the comments, they are yours.

During all of the above, Rich Cahill kept saying “I do not want to be dragged in to a feud that I have nothing to do with.”

Let’s look together at my last post, or as they say in Cahillese, the attack.

It’s the headline “Richard T. Cahill Jr., are you nuts?” an attack? Not exactly, considering that I am being called nuts a number of times on his blog.

Please God, let this be an attack: “Blogger Richard T. Cahill Jr. continued to cry for attention.” Nope, it’s not, it’s the truth… How many times could you credibly say “Please keep me out of it” while injecting yourself into it?

Perhaps these are attacks: “So, Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer… has no problem approving Terry Bernardo’s lies and insults aimed at me and my wife” or “…ask Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer to show you where Terry Bernardo is compared to a Romanian dictator. Why is Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer spreading this bullshit? When did Richard T. Cahill Jr. become Blaber Light?”

Oh! I got it! Richard T. Cahill Jr. was insulted by my calling him Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer… I sincerely apologize. Let me explain… While working on his photo, my neighbor’s 3-year old niece saw it on the screen, pointed at it and said “pretty boy” a few times.

Pretty Boy Floyd

I laughed, I thought of Pretty Boy Floyd (above), I remembered John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath, where a character refers to Pretty Boy Floyd as a young man driven to a tragic fate by the Great Depression. I thought about Pretty Boy Cahill as a young man driven to a tragic fate by the Great Deception. I played with the name and came up with Rich-the-pretty-boy-lawyer. I never thought the name would inspire Mr. Cahill in making such a lame gay joke:

“However, this time he has given me a nickname. Apparently, he calls me ‘Pretty Boy Attorney’. I should be flattered, but I guess I should remind him that I am married to a beautiful woman.”

As I didn’t know a word of English before my 33rd birthday, I am always willing to learn from the natives. Today I’m thankful to Rich Cahill for teaching me that “remind” and “tell” are interchangeable. Oh, they are not? Thought so.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to Richard T. Cahill Jr., are you nuts? (Part 2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Apparently Cahill doesn’t know the definition of attack either. How in the hell did he get through law school? Maybe he was “awarded ” his law degree like Terry was “awarded” her legislator seat.
    Ya just never know about these things.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He did not like what part? Rich? Pretty Boy? or Lawyer? What a pompous prick.

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