Richard T. Cahill Jr. – A Useful Idiot?


Richard T. Cahill Jr.

Trying to understand why Richard T. Cahill – the owner of a blog “dedicated to the improvement of the City of Kingston” – got lost in the Town of Rochester, went to bat for the Bernardos in this piece of dishonest garbage and made an ass of himself (shhh! he doesn’t know it yet…), finally I connected the dolts dots.

Len Bernardo supported Shane Gallo for Mayor of Kingston. In typical Bernardo style, he wouldn’t consider supporting any of the three Republicans – Turco Levin, Polacco or Cahill.

Turco Levin kind of won the primary but then lost to Polacco after the counting of absentee ballots. Cahill, endorsed by the Conservatives, stayed on that line pledging that he “wouldn’t let the Conservatives down.”

Republicans had a tough enough time in the City but with a vote split there was no doubt Gallo would win. What if Cahill’s remaining on the Conservative line was a favor done to Len Bernardo, to make sure Gallo (Bernardo’s pick) won?

The payback? Terry Bernardo suddenly appointed Richard T. Cahill Jr. to fill a spot on the Charter Revision Commission – to replace Fawn Tantillo, Bernardos’ crony who moved on to become Terry’s confidential secretary.

Cahill plays on Bernardos’ team.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Shaka, when the walls fell.

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