Casino Bendelius?

Dump Terry Bernardo

A few years back, before every legislative election in Ulster County, those driving on Lucas Avenue were regaled with an electoral sign planted in front of the Bendelius residence, just south of Route 6.

The sign showed – in effigy – Legislator Sue Cummings behind bars. Ruth Bendelius had it in for Sue Cummings for one reason only: Sue supported the idea of a Casino in Wawarsing. Got it? Sue Cummings + Casino = BAD LEGISLATOR in Bendelius’ book.

Fast forward… Let’s quote from “Nevele group lays out plans for RVBA during morning breakfast” – an article in Blue Stone Press:

    County Legislature chair Terry Bernardo (R-Accord), also in attendance, said: “As a resident and business owner and a representative of Wawarsing, I personally support the project.” Bernardo, noting that County Legislative Counsel Langdon Chapman has been named Counsel to the Senate Commission on Racing, Gaming and Wagering, said “I hope to use my connections to help you effectuate your plan.”

Surprise, surprise! Terry Bernardo + Casino = GOOD LEGISLATOR in Bendelius’ new book. A pro-Bernardo sign replaced the anti-Cummings sign, and this endorsement appeared in a campaign ad in Shawangunk Journal:

    “Terry Bernardo is our best hope for ensuring that Rochester’s needs are heard and taken care of in the Ulster County Legislature. We enthusiastically endorse her.”
    – Alan and Ruth Bendelius, Accord

What gives?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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7 Responses to Casino Bendelius?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Considering that Ruth Bendelius is one of the most vocal people involved in Historic Preservation, being against Sue Cummings when Sue was for casinos, makes sense. To support all of a sudden somebody who has the necessary “connections” to facilitate the casinos in this area, that is pretty hard to explain – unless Ruth hopes to host a few one-armed bandits on her property.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, this sounds about right for Town of Rochester. Bernardo must have promised this woman something. That’s how Bernardo operates. Terry is the best hope for Town of Rochester??????? Can you tell me any thing POSITIVE she has done for the Town of Rochester or any or any other Town ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    no way bendelius is getting any slot machines ohalloran gets them all don’t you think he is brown-nosing Bernardo for nothing

  4. Anonymous says:

    I remember those signs in front of Bendelius house… And the letters sent to all residents in town specifically against Manuela… must be a case of… the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Business owner and a representative of Wawarsing” What about Town of Rochester’s representation? Does Terry even care how the people of Rochester feel about casinos?

    Are we going to fall for the promises of thousands of jobs being created, the same type of jobs Terry and Len created at Skate Time, which never materialized? Or the jobs she promised as elected Chair of the Legislature? Giving jobs to people from other counties and only to her friends?

  6. Anonymous says:

    We have very high unemployment, like never before; we don’t need casinos so that desperate people start gambling and losing even the little money they have!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here in Wawarsing not everybody is excited about the possibility of a casino in our town. Casinos bring criminality, prostitution and addiction, not to mention the increasing traffic on our already decaying roads.

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