Dump Terry Bernardo

“They say everything in politics is about timing, and trapeze is absolutely about timing. It’s like a pendulum going back and forth,” she said. “Timing is everything.”

“I am committed to providing competent and committed representation to the residents of District One during my term as Ulster County Legislator.”

“The most immediate issue as I write this in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane is helping people.”

“Our financial future depends on the development of a new economic development structure…”

“I’m hoping that three factions of legislators chase down options to present to the Legislature and I would say that not all three groups want all three options to be presented to the Legislature.”

“It’s really being on the state committee and being active on the state committee, attending the state convention, attending the state committee meeting that really start to qualify you to attend the national convention.”

Believe it or not, all the above quotes are seeds from Terry Bernardo’s pumpkin.

Dump Terry Bernardo

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2 Responses to Huh?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, on top of everything else, she is stupid too… Way to go Ulster County! Way to go…

  2. Anonymous says:

    are we sure really has a college degree? maybe it was bought, like her election.

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